The day after physio!!!! Help

Hello everyone. I had my first physio yesterday and it took me while to get up and about,but as the day has gone I'm not feeling too good at all.Sat under a blanket with throbbing knees and wrists.One minute I'm hot then I'm cold,I feel sick and just keep crying.Can anyone tell me if they have felt like this as honestly I didn't expect this.Am thinking perhaps I have something else going on alongside FM,and the whole auto immune disease package?.xxx. Happy bank holiday x

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  • I must admit that when the Occupational Therapist gave me an hour long examination pulling my limbs here there and everywhere which would be similar to your physio I felt as though someone had run a steam roller over me and I felt most peculiar I could not wait to get home and within an hour had to go and lie down and then get in a hot Epsom Salt bath as I too felt as though everything was burning.

    I know I had to ease up on the exercises the physio gave me and only do the ones that did not wreck havoc with my body. Some of us with fibro don't react very kindly to the normal physio exercises and does funny things afterwards. Could be of course you have some kind of infection as wellwhich has just happened to come on coincidentally with the physio.

    Try and be gentle with yourself and get as much rest as possible, just eat a little bland food until you are feeling better. Fingers crossed you will be feeling better in a few days time but if you don't I should get some advice. Big soft hugs coming your way.x

  • How kind of you.I really do feel like a steamroller has rolled right over me.Have been in bed all afternoon feeling very tired and sore.I will try to eat a little cereal later on as really don't fancy much.Am still learning about fibro and appreciate any help as often feel so down with it all.Thank you.x

  • I think some of us feel we could take fibro as a degree subject and yet others of us like you are still learning the ropes. Even if you have had it for some time things can still pop up and surprise you so ask away if you are ever unsure as there is normally some kind person out there who has been through the same or similar.x

  • I was only diagnosed last July ,but the diagnoses made sense to all the weird things happening to my body.Best example is my jaw would send an almighty shooting pain up through my jaw and the pain in my ear would be excruciating.I really admire those that can work as I'm always too poorly and exhausted .Wish there was a magic spell to get rid of it !!!x

  • I would happily give up our house and any money I have to be well. Yes I too admire people who can work but with all the changes in ESA, DLA and PIP there are so many fibro sufferers struggling on at work when they really should be able to rest at home. I had to give up a job I had done for about 20 years which I adored and would have been happy to carry on with after retirement age. Another blow was that I had to give up work exactly a year after my poor husband's health breakdown so we lost both incomes but at least we had each other.

    Its funny you say that about the jaw thing as my gums and jaw used to ache for no reason and the dentist and dental specialist could not understand it as there was nothing obvious wrong. Fibro had struck again, it is certainly a learning curve.

    I am signing off now as I am on some new tablets and after about 6.30 my head starts to feel as though it has been taken over by an alien as I think my body is still getting used to the tablets.Hope you have a good night.xx

  • Night night Rose wine.Hope you rest well. I too have had my bedtime tabs and will be glad to shut my eyes today.x

  • Hi Rosewine

    I feel exactly the same way. I think it is a trait of fibro.

  • Much sympathy. I cant really say if it's the physio or the fibro, but do try to persist. if it didn't help, it wouldn't be offered. It's helped me. I've just snapped one of my elastic bands they gave me, so I may be doing something right.

  • Hi millamoo. I have just got up after a long afternoon nap. i have been pushing myself trying to get straight after our holiday and ended up dithering and sweating whilst feeling very sick and dizzy.

    Normal for me is usually a quiet peaceful day at home sharing housework with my hubby. As soon as i start doing more i have to allow for extra sleep of an afternoon, I spent most afternoons asleep last week. when hubby went fishing Mutt and i went to bed me on the bed Meg under, she snores and it very odd listening to your pillow snore. :O :)

    Take it easy and rest. I hope that you will soon be feeling better.

    Hugs sue

  • Hi Millamoo

    Exactly the same thing has happened to me. I am NOT going back for more punishment. It was private physio as well.

    Gentle passive stretching exercises are one thing but being pummelled is another scenario, one to be avoided. That is just my own opinion. Kind regards


  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I too went through the phases of treatment including physio, which left me in agony for the next two weeks. It will of course effect your emotions too as your brain tries to battle the pain messages from your nerves. Physio is not an answer to FMS in my opinion.

  • I agree spàrkymark...have just had the worst 48 hrs known possible. Great sobbing mess.Have only just started to feel better.Is it all worth it??? A question I'm now asking myself.x

  • It certainly had a detrimental effect on me, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with FMS.

  • Oh so sorry to hear that! I would recommend physio as it's worked for me, I did tell the person doing it to be gentle and she also offered a light Massage instead of exactly what she does. I did feel battered about when I let her do her thing, but continuing the exercises at home not straining really made me improve.

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