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Floatation Tank - the day after !

Hello All,

Just wanted to update you on today and how I'm feeling!

Well firstly morning .... Erm afternoon ... Errrr morning......errr what time of day is it ? ! After my usual alert brain last night I eventually fell asleep early morning but have awoken this afternoon feeling like I've been in a deep sleep. Woke with no pain, or stiffness but concerned it may not last I've taken my medications as I am still working on the theory of a combined approach. I guess it must have relaxing effects!

It has taken a while to wake up but this isn't anything unusual but maybe a bit longer to come to. I felt alert immediately which is very unusual as normally waking up at 10 ish I was no good for any appointments like meetings until 2pm at least!

All on the basis of honesty to help you guys, I must say I used the bathroom facilities for a while this morning, but I was wondering how the Epsom Salts with magnesium may affect me ! Sorry but thought it was relevant. I had to take Buscopan last night as I had terrible stomach cramps much the same as after a colonic where it gets the lazy bowel working !

No fatigue so far as such but haven't really got going yet to be truthful ! I'll keep you posted

All I know is I'd like another session, best get saving the pennies then !

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Wow I am delighted for you xgins


Hmnn sounds like a good detox treatment Emma :)

Not sure if there's one near me :o

May be worth finding out :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Sounds really to me !

Take care

Ken x


sounds heavenly, pity they don't do it on n.h.s, but so glad it helped you :)xx


May it continue.

You can tell how spaced out I have been feeling.

I visualised you in a tank surrounded by nibbling fish. when I read the caption.

You know like those one people stick their feet in.

? Thought I.


Your wish is my command Nedd. A basketful of piranas is on its way.

No? Oh. :P


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