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Since I started taking the magnesium marine tablets I have been sleeping so much better, I now have a fit bit that you were as a watch and when you go to bed you tell it you are going to sleep, when you wake up you tell it you are awake and it tells you how long you have slept for and how restless it was. I seem to average about 7 hours sleep and 45 min restless, which I know is due to when I turn over its very painful and I wake up but once I have turned I go back to sleep, thankfully! It also monitors how active you have been in the day and counts how many steps you do, they recommend you do 10,000 steps a day which is quite hard especially when you are working and sitting at a desk all day, but taking the dogs out is brilliant as your steps add up so much, I am thankful I have them now as I would not go walking as much if I did not have them and I am finding exercise is helping me too. I had a bit of a painful Saturday and thought oh no, its going back to the way it was but I seem to be doing ok, I find if I keep going I am ok but as soon as I am not active the pain and stiffness start, so the key for me is exercise and rest exercise and rest and not to do too much at one as I now know I will pay for it, hope this info is a bit useful and I just keep hoping and praying that I carry on like this!!!! ps I am also taking Vitamin D3 and Zinc and have been for the last 4 weeks, I really am not sure what they are supposed to do but I seem to be ok! Just going to get up for my walk up the stairs to the kitchen to keep my joints moving x

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  • Its great to hear you are so positive and that exercise is helping you, it helps me greatly. Walking my dog eases my back and hip pain - sitting around makes it worse!

    My OH bought me a Fitbit recently, and it is good fun to see how much exercise I'm doing. I walked over 10 miles on Saturday - to the pub and back! :) x

  • Pub and back !!

    Great incentive if you like a little drink:-)

    I too have been on the magnesium, zinc and vit d ...

    I do seem to have a bit more energy, but haven't got the hang of pacing myself yet..

  • Sounds a good gadget where can I get one please ( especially if it helps you get to the pub!!)


  • Amazon is always good to buy from, Argos have them too I believe, good luck

  • Hi, glad to hear you are finding things that are helping. Could I ask the dosage for your magnesium please? Thanks

  • I think they are 180mg, the brand is Together from Holland and Barrett

  • That is wonderful to read and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • How do you ..or where do u get a fit bit? Also, how much do they cost?

  • Seems l wasn't the only one enquiring. Should have read more posts..before submitting my questions. Silly me:)

  • ive been looking at fitbit, they sound a good idea, does it take a lot of setting up, x

  • you sync it to your mobile phone, in all honesty my daughter did mine but I think you just follow the instructions

  • any type of mobile phone or an iphone x

  • I think it will be both android and i phone

  • I wonder if anyone can give me some feedback on a problem I've encountered with my GP? Well, I've had countless probs with him, but the one at the moment is this...My pharmacist recently told me of another lady who lives in my area & was diagnosed with M.E around 9yrs ago by the same person as myself.. Professor Findly. (Not sure if I've spelt his name correctly). Anyway, he prescribed a drug for her called Modafinil,(provigil) & after speaking with this lady, she said the drug has really helped her. My pharmacist suggested l spoke to my GP & asked him to prescribe it for me. I've been on Dexamfetamines for many years & the pharmacist confirmed my fears..that at the age now of 58, the risks to my heart are ever increasing! So l rang my GP & said that since l went into a Major Relapse back at the end of October, the dexamfetamines don't seem to be helping anymore & since contracting a virus 3wks ago, I've become very aware of my very fast heart beat..thumping in my ears. Also said, the pharmacist had suggested l make the request for this drug it has far less side affects etc. My G.P..helpful as ever..said No!! I won't bore you with I've rambled on enough already. He just said, l will have to wait until my clinic appointment ..which is some way of yet

  • You could have Atrium Fibrillation which is an irregular heart beat, it is not life threatening but they can give you tablets such as Soltalol that I am on to regulate it, may be worth seeing your Dr sooner

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