I need sleep

hello anyone out there that's like me awake. I really neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed some sleep. I feel really tired but cant get over to sleep, this is so frustrating. I don't sleep during the day because I feel this could interfere with night sleep, but hey ho here I am having a moan on my computer (sorry) took my pain killers, but still got some pain. sorry once again for moaning, I know there are lots of poorly people out there a lot worse than I am. gentle hugs to all those people xx

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  • Hi there. Its so frustrating I know as often have this problem. Do you like hot milk as its good for inducing sleep. Mind you so are a couple of brandies but oh well! Try not to have computer screen on and try soothing music classical is best for getting mind into sleep mode. Reading with a soft light on can help but a magazine is better than a book late at night so you don't get too absorbed in it. My sleep meds not helping tonight so will be having milk in a mo - minus the brandy!! Good luck-

  • thanks, I know shouldn't have computer on, tried everything, soothing music, reading, ive also got an adult colouring book, which relaxes and de-stresses, I have to say its made me get a liking for colouring, so will switch off and colour, hope you get some shut eye x

  • Hey dilly dally, you are not alone. Hope you manage to get your head down and have a few hours peaceful sleep x

  • I know, thanks for your reply and caring, it can be such a lonely long night. sorry feeling sorry for myself again. hope you get some some restfull sleep, soon be morning, then I will feel like I want to sleep, but I wont xx

  • Thanks and good luck x

  • I am so sorry to read that you cannot sleep and as a life long insomniac you have my deepest sympathies. I genuinely hope that you can manage to get some sleep tonight.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thanks ken, yes ive suffered insomnia for years so my heart goes out to you. some nights just seem harder to cope with than others, tonight must be one of the cant cope nights. however it always helps to get replies from my fibro friends, im so glad I found this site. heres hoping you also get some sleep. xx

  • Hey we all need a moan, makes you feel better to get it of your chest, and pain is pain when it affects you life that's when you need a hand to hold, and that's what I'm finding on hear, lots of hands reaching out,

    I hope your feeling a little better after your painkillers, and manage to get some sleep tonight,

    Hugs Cathy x

  • xxx

  • Have you tried amitriptyline (10mg)? I also find an epsom salts bath just before I go to bed (300g) helps ease the pain and relaxes.

  • I remember my mam saying Epsom salts before bed was very good for pain xx

  • thanks x

  • yes ive tried amitriptyline, I have a heart murmur and the tablet gives me irregular heart beat. just started gabapentin 200mg at night, fingers crossed. x

  • I know what your going through dilly dally, its been almost a week since I had full nights kip, can't keep eyes open, & they're sore, OH's in garden think I'll join him for fresh air, need something, maybe a bash on the head with his shovel might do it!!!

    Sweet dreams when you do sleep. xx

  • only thing is you would wake up with headache, ah ah, hope you sleep better tonight x

  • Hi dillydally, I am so sorry you have this problem. I have insomnia but not nearly to the extent you do. WHy not try to make up by getting some day sleep? If you already aren't sleeping at night, what have you got to lose by making up some of it during the day? Sorry if I sound impertinent, but I don't see a conflict over night vs. day if it helps you.

  • your not impertinent at all, sounds very sensible to me x

  • Yup, me. What I do is turn on a hypnosis app for deep sleep. The hypnotist has me out within minutes. I've tried a bunch of them. The one I like best is Joseph Clough. He is worth his weight in gold. I've been able to give up my sleeping pills, which is good because they were good from whenever I went to sleep until 4AM, and then I was wide awake. Couldn't take another pill or I would be dead in the morning when I had to get up. I tried Joseph's Deep Sleep hypnosis session out of desperation and I'm so glad I did. I wake up totally refreshed after sleeping all night. If I find myself awake again sometime during the night, I listen again and I'm out until it's time to get up. You might want to try this and see if it helps you as well. PS...when he has me totally relaxed, my pain gets relieved as well.

  • I don't have a phone with apps but I will look him up on line. I went to an hypnotist once, only once, but I couldn't shut off or imagine myself somewhere nice. I will certainly have a look, thanks x

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