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At the sleep clinic on Friday, anyone got sleep problems

Hi everyone, at the sleep clinic for the first time on Friday. I've been waiting for this appointment from before I got diagnosed with fibro. I haven't had a good nights sleeps since as far back as I can remember . Spose their going to look into sleep apnea, although with the legs movement all through night , itching and aches I'm not sure sure which is the worst. At least if I'm snoring am sleeping. Lol. I do wake gasping for air but I always think its because I'm so tired I just forget to breathe lol. I am tired exhausted . Because I don't get much sleep. Tbh it's like there a symptom of nearly everything that's related to something else with this condition. You look at eyes, there's one , look at palpitations, irregular heartbeat racing heartbeat, ears sinus, urine infections, womb infections. Face pain , neck limbs arms hands wrists, everything I mean what this condition doesn't have. There's such a list. I think I've had such a lot of symptoms. I'm sure I've had this for ten years. I went to doctors when my daughter was four years old. With a lactating problem. This lactating problem came on and off over seven years. I went back in with severe lower back pain, lumps in breasts. My neck would just fix in one position like it locked this happened a lot, a run of six water infections one after another , Not mentioning being fatigued. Chest infections sinus infections. Sticky eyes, , Doctors never paid much attention to any of these things even sent me home with , I'm sorry there's nothing we can do with lower back pain. I did get a mamogramme with the breast lumps , but that's the only real attention I got. Think I should of played up years back I always knew there must be more of a good reason for my ten years of real problems. Turns out lactating is a major sign. Why'd they not look into these things. When I got fatigued , Docs just gave me that knowing look, we'll you have two children work and run a home. My mom had four and a job , never felt like me . Thing is when you trust Doctors know best , it's not until you dire, I mean really dire , it's a sign to them. Well I hope I get answers. I've not got anything for pain yet. No help for anything only advise and information I've got is from here and Internet. I've bought some pretty good books of amazon. I have some surprising information from books. I had no idea that fibro, has probably got soooo many different things going on. It's a complex condition. Explains nearly all and every illness I've had over ten years. It's all fibro.,,,, I need a pain clinic. That's the next step. Would be great to get help.,,,I daren't attempt Yoga yet , so how do you people find these pain clinics ? Do they really help? What pain killers work best for you? Does anyone have episodes like fits, anyone lactate even if your not breast feeding, sorry I would like know maybe I should post different questions out there. Gosh I have so many. It's been a really good help, extremely good for me listening to everyone's dilemmas ,, also chatting to different people and I've got helpful comments . Thanks everyone x x x Big Hugs x x x

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Oh my goodness, just seen the panel on the right , I'm such an idiot, says sleep, pain relief, ect. Bet I could of looked there or posted questions. I'm usually using an iPhone . I'm using an I pad never seen it before it gets cut out on my phone. Well lol, I know now. Sorry guys am a bit lax. X


I have sleep apneoa, and am on a cpap machine every night, its not as bad as you think once you get used to it, they first found obstructive sleep apneoa but after nearly nine months found cpap not helping so had more tests, they have now found central sleep apneoa as well which is not brilliant, so even more tests, just waiting for follow up as may have to go on a portable ventilator, but least if you do sleep undesterbed you will feel somewhat better next day,

hope you go on ok,



I dont have any problems when I am sleeping but without night meds I just can't sleep and end up cat napping for weeks then get panic attacks cos I am exhausted and can't sleep , this had been going on for 20 years when my GP finally got the right med combo and I get 7 hours sleep a night, I have tried coming off them and the sleep goes, but I figured med induced sleep is better than no sleep ... Good luck at the sleep clinic

VG x


stopped sleeping the day I got fibro (it arrived with a bang on 3.9.2010) and since then have had paradoxical effects to most sleeping tablets and anti-depressants - they actually stop me from sleeping. (1) I have a mouth frame that helps with the breathing and stops me snoring, also helps with face pain (2) Talking books - wonderful! I listen via earphones and don't disturb my other half (but I do miss some bits of the story when I start to doze...) and (3) Since I got Interstitial Cystitis I have to take sleeping tablets as I defy anyone to get off to sleep when wanting to pee, I take Clonazepam but it tends to make my sleep very broken so far from perfect and (4) I relax when I am awake, never worry about not sleeping, and I find that if I don't worry I feel ok the next day usually


i was refferd to pain clinic through pals at my local hospital but ur dr should be able to refer you


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