Hi guys soft hugs to you all x x 😘 so after going over the rheumatologist letter doctor telling me not to worry about the rheumatologist saying I have a vit d def so I said no I want my bloods done went on Tuesday to get it done got a call this morning first thing to say I have calcium def and prescription already at chemist. Now in my surgery that is a mirical I usually have to wait nearly two weeks. So now I have to take twice a day two capsule of calcium and vit d3 combined x x I am struggling at moment but having to fight with them to follow up things x x if I had not insisted what would have happened grrrrrrr😡😡😤

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  • Hi, does your gp prescribe the calcium and Vit D?, if it is, I am going to ask my gp to do so, as at the moment I have to buy with my own expense

  • Yes I get them from my Dr, I get the ones you chew they taste like oranges, one twice a day of calcium with vit D. they are called Calcichew with vitamin D

  • Adcal d3 not chewable x x

  • Adcal d3 is what they are called x x hope this helps

  • Mine are also on prescription xx

  • Hi Zita

    So glad you got sorted in the end. We'll done you for insisting about your bloods. Hope you feel better with the added vits. X

  • Thanks md55 x x soft hugs 👍👌

  • Good for you... Sometimes you just have to shout to be heard. Xx

  • I have a similar medication called ''Acrette D3'' as I have Osteoporosis (I take it in conjunction with Alendronic Acid) and I also get this on prescription. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with yours.

    All m y hopes and dreams for you


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