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Nerve pain an issue?


I've just been diagnosed as a diabetic, and have nerve pains 24/7. My GP has insisted it is Fibromyalgia, which I have (also Lupus). Together with my very high glucose readings, the hospital took it out of her hands.

Do you have nerve pains? I get muscle pains which I believe is the Fiibto which I believe are different. The nerve pains are sharp stabbing pains, a bit like pins and needles but painful and appear for seconds around my body.

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Honestly it could be any of those as far as I know.

Hi I really hear your distress at not knowing but like Regno said it could be fibro . I have angry nerves and get mild to severe almost daily and really difficult to say sometimes , even my fibro where its been so long at my muscles and joints has left them somewhat stiff/hardened and will trigger any time almost impossible to manage short of not moving. Triggers can happen too when the pains have been there long enough the body has its own brain so to speak and can trigger it all off again as if it memorises it which to me is no blimin different as it all real. I think at the end of the day the best you can do is learn which makes you more tired and live the lesser ones its the only way to get through the day and live some , love and blessings x Really which I had a magic wand but reality prevails but I do understand your trauma and your not alone

Iona467 in reply to Royalspec01

Maybe it is Fibro. I thought it wasn't as my body is not in the pain it was beforehand. As I'm having stabbing pains in my feet too and my diabetes range is so high, I thought it was this. My brother has diabetes and he had the nerve pains before being diagnosed and he doesn't have Fibre.

Royalspec01 in reply to Iona467

To be honest I don't know and I'm in no way able to diagnose but I will say fibro isn't just muscles its joints and tissues too or, so I'm given to understand . Have you been ordered to have a review of late as i would have thought your doctor would have asked you for a review if he was worried about it. Hope this helps x

Iona467 in reply to Royalspec01

My GP is not interested, she will not go through even my blood tests for me, I have 3 abnormal results each time, she responds on the return sheet that she has given me treatment for them - I know as I ask the receptionist for a copy and see her remarks. If the rheumatologist doesn't start me on something she won't, even if he has it on his report. He only treats me for Lupus. I could not even get painkillers until I saw another GP, so now I am banned from seeing another GP in the practise.

Only reason I've been found to be a diabetic is that the hospital stepped in wanting to know what she had done about it so she had to let me go to the diabetic clinic - my results are higher than most diabetics! I have joint pains and tissue pains too but these nerve pains are something else, they are so sharp my legs twitch.

My GP's response is to put up with it as she cannot do anything. Yet others have GP's who listen and prescribe. I shouldn't have to go to another GP in secret. My GP said If I go to another GP she will stop my treatment. I have had so many emergency treatments to hospital for my kidneys and also infections. She will not have it investigated.

Yes unfortunately wearing the same T shirt as they say. At first it was nigh on unendurable and more or less constant, sometimes shooting as though someone was putting a slender knife into me and sometimes burning and sometimes both sensations at once. Mostly across my back and shoulder but sometimes in feet and hands. I was put on Pregablin (Lyrica) and even though I still have it it is never as bad as before. I do hope you find something that will help you.x

Iona467 in reply to rosewine

mine is like pins and needles, like a red hot hair brush hitting me. I am on Pregablin but it does now work and has made me put on weight and thinning hair. Unfortunately my GP puts everything down to Fibro, even my Lupus symptoms, I belong to a Lupus group and we discuss those symptons.

Yes Iona that is the problem once diagnosed with fibro so many people find that the medical profession put any new symptom or even old down to fibro which is so frustrating. Even though most of us aren't medical experts we know our own bodies the best and we tend to know what is fibro and what isn't e.g. the pain from my osteo arthritis is quite different from my fibro pain but my doctor tried to say my sevdre hip pain was part of my fibro until I asked not to be given extra pain meds but ti ahve some alternative treatment e,g, physio or hydrotherapy and so for a referral to a physio he needed to have Xrays done and yes I had osteo arthritis in my hip nothing to do with my fibro.

I do hope you can find something to help you such a pity the lyrica has not helped.x

Iona467 in reply to rosewine

you are so right, my GP refused to listen to my diabetes symptoms or the readings, preferring to thing that Fibro somehow was to blame, now look at what has happened!

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and the hospital will be able to perform tests to see what is causing it? I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thanks Ken. That was really nice of you. I am just pleased that the hospital questioned my GP. One of my brothers had a heart attack last year due to undiagnosed diabetes and his results were lower than mine. My other brother is diabetic too and also thought it was very odd that my GP was so disinterested in my health. Thank goodness the hospital took an interest. This has been going on for 18 months since the hospital first mentioned their concerns.

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