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bit of advice please

have been suffering for the last week really badly with sharp pain in my left thigh and buttock, its like glass into flesh and bone and i don't want to put my foot to the floor because it hurts so much, also getting sharp cramp in left hiip and buttock, has anyone else experienced this and if so, how long does it last, please advise, i know its not sciatica as i have had that many times before. gentle hugs to all xx

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Possibly hip pain? I does get confusing when we have pain from various sources. Figuring out the cause is frustrating! Hope you get to the bottom (no pun intended, but it works lol) of it soon 🐸

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Ouch!! we should never put up with excrutiating pain like we do, if they persists get yourself to A&E and have a medic look at you, maybe they can relieve this suffering, there are consultants and specialist physios on hand to help you, it will get you onto therapies quicker than waiting for appt,s etc.. don't suffer hun get help.. Hugs from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours)

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I agree wholeheartedly, we shouldn't have to put up with excruciating pain. The reality however is, we do. Not because we want to, but because sometimes our GPs either don't believe that we are in such pain, or they go by the book and only treat us according to NICE guidelines. Some of us are lucky and get referrals to Rheumatologists, Pain Clinics, and Pain Management Courses, even Physio and Hydrotherapy. When we've jumped through the hoops, and taken our medication, and we still find ourselves in pain, we are told "pace yourself, and manage your condition". Also the waiting time in some areas for specialist therapies can be 6+months. Despite Government Guidlines of 16 wks.

As for going to A&E! We are constantly being told that our A&E departments can't cope, and to only go when it is an emergency. Some of our forum members who have gone to A&E tell stories about having to wait for hours, and when eventually been seen and perhaps given some diagnostic tests which usually show nothing, because the pain of Fibro can't be picked up on X-rays and scans. In the end you're told to carry on with your normal meds and see your GP. It's sad but true, Fibro doesn't figure high on the scale of Emergency Depts.

Can I suggest to inoutfog, that since a holiday weekend is coming up, that you get in touch with your GP and get an emergency appointment, either in person, or telephone appointment and tell them what is happening. I don't know what youve tried to do, if anything for your pain, but if you're still having it after a week, I think you definitely need to get I touch with your Dr ASAP to get some advice and treatment.

I sincerely hope that you can get some help as nothing drags you down more than being in pain without having some treatment to help ease it

Take care.

GP. 😊😊


Pain of any magnitude. That is harsh shud not be put up with. A&E are there for people like us. They attend to alcohol abuse nightly. Be a pest go get sorted..i would

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Hi inoutfog

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I agree wholeheartedly with your other respondents. Please get this looked at and please do not assume that any pain of this kind is Fibro? Other medical conditions need to be ruled out of the equation. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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