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Breast cancer, radiotherapy and fibromyalgia


Yesterday it was confirmed that I have breast cancer and need a mastectomy which will be done on the 13th May. However, the doctors are not too sure about how the radiotherapy that will follow will react with my fibromyalgia. Please can anyone tell me about their experience of this. Thank you.

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I don't have an answer but send you love and best wishes xxx

So sorry to hear your news, I don't know how you would be affected either, do you see a rheumatologist ? If so could you have a chat with him or you GP they would have more idea, I wish you all the very best

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Ps, try googling fibro and breast cancer treatment you might find something there.


Dear Robertaworthing,

Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and have so many questions & concerns, you head must be like a whirlwind. Unfortunately I cannot help you however I do suggest also posting in Women's Health & any Cancer HU sites you can find by browsing communities.

Here's the link for Women's Health

In the meantime if I find out any information that may help you I will post immediately.

Thinking of you & sending best wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

Hi Roberta,

I would like to express both my genuine empathy and respect for what you are facing, following your diagnosis of cancer and the proposed surgery. I feel your considerable courage and thoughtfulness.

I truly acknowlege your situation very much

I wish I had the right kind of personal experience to share with you on this - my own experience being limited to breast surgery without radiation - so I reply more, feeling aware of the impact of anaesthetics and surgery itself.

I think its a good sign that the doctors are respecting the fibromyalgia, to express the question you ask.

I reflected a bit - and I'm hoping I'm keeping within the guidelines of our community -in sharing a couple of possible signposts - (otherwise I'm sure admin will put me right and then I'll learn).

One is a website called, (Topic: radiation and fibromyalgia

Forum: Radiation Therapy - Before, During and After — What to expect from treatment and ways to cope with side effects)

I also wonder whether possibly Macmillan radiation support might have some helpful advice as a first port of call?

Above all, I wish you warmest, sincere wishes as you go through this, for the best outcome as humanly possible and for the best supports to help you going through this.

Kind wishes

Rock Rose

Oh Roberta, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. I can empathise with you as I had a lumpectomy about 15 years ago which turned out to be a DCIS so I didn't have to through either radiotherapy or chemo. It is such a hard time to absorb all that is going on around you and you have my heartfelt support and caring.

I am sending you huge amounts of positive healing vibes and strengthening ones for coping with the days ahead.

With the very warmest possible good wishes,

Foggy x

Hi Roberta,

I'm so sorry I cannot help you but I hope everything goes well for you, I think you can speak to your GP they migh help you,

I really wish you all the very best, :)


Hi robertaworthing,

I'm really sorry that you're going through such a tough time.

I worked as a health care assistant, on the haematology ward in Worthing for 8 years.. I've seen people dealing with various cancers and the treatment will affect everyone in different ways.

It can be very draining on the body and mind, especially as the treatment can feel very 'trial and error' at times.

I can in no way advise on the situation, but I do feel that if you have positive people around you and are able to express how you feel about what you are going through with those you love and the medical professionals then your ability to cope will grow stronger and you may find it easier to get through.

I personally believe that any illness is fueled by fear, depression, anxiety and negativity so I hope my theory is also true in reverse.. State of mind is a powerful force.

You're probably used to using all your strength to deal with fibro on a daily basis, yes radiotherapy will quite possibly make the struggle harder, the days seem longer and the nights never ending... But...

Coming out the otherside could feel like a whole new beginning.

I wish you all the best and a very speedy recovery. I hope your body allows you to fight and rest all at the same time.

Please message any time, and let us all know how you get on.

Kindest wishes

Sibbs x x

I've now had the surgery, double mastectomy and lymph nodes, and everything is very tight and sore but fine, and now I am waiting for the radiotherapy. I was frightened about the procedures, never having been in hospital before, but the Breast Clinic at Worthing Hospital is marvellous, (they call it a 'Centre of Excellence'). Everyone is so kind and very professional, and it's a happy place to visit. I have had so many scans etc that I have lost count, but one interesting one of the skeleton showed up all the places where I have arthritis and I suspect this is connected to the fibromyalgia. The surgeons and specialists took special care about the fibromyalgia, and because of the pain, balance and vision problems decided it would be better for me to have both boobs off so that I would have fewer problems especially with balance and symmetry, and I am so glad they did because I don't feel disfigured, just a bit flat chested and that is something I have already got used to, and I don't think I am going to bother with any reconstruction as I'm happy as I am, but I will be fitted with an NHS prosthesis so that I can be 42DD for special occasion dresses! Thank you all for your kind wishes which are much appreciated.

Hi I just wanted to say I am new to this post and just found out about your cancer I am sorry to hear what you are going through.

I to have just been through breast cancer with a mastectomy,only one side,it had spread to all my lymph nodes buy one on the left side.I then had chemotherapy,radiotherapy,and hecptine.

My fibromyalgia was diagnosed after all of this.

I have just had reconstruction in May and I am very happy with my new boob.I was quite happy with my prosthesis but having just one decided to go for reconstruction. I was 46 when diagnosed and have now just had my 50th.

I know of all the thoughts as a woman we have, but it's great just to be here!! And watching my grandchildren grow.

Hope you are feeling ok and if you feel like having a chat I am here.

Love and hugs Tracexx

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