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I'm Shelly.I'm 52 and i've had fibromyalgia for years,but was only diagnosed 3years ago.

I work voluntary for the PDSA as im unemployed at the moment.

I live with my daughter and four cats and have studied animal management at college and zoology at uni.

Some days are better than others for me.Like today my mood and pain are not that bad.The day before today I was awful crying in pain I couldn't do my voluntary work.

What I hate about fibromyalgia is you never know when you will have a flare up.I take medication but sometimes i'm that bad the tablets don't help.

It's good i've found this site for support of other people that understand what us fibro myalgia sufferers go through.

Please if you have any meetings let me know when and where cause I would love to jpin you.

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Hi and welcome it depends where you live for meetingsx


Welcome tabi, glad you have found this nice supportive place to come. There are lots of lovely people about who will help and give support and advice. Feel free to join in any of the posts and you will quickly become involved in all sort of fun online, as well as supporting each other.

Foggy x


Hi welcome and lovely to meet you.

This is a exsteemly good site and it'd been a godsend to me. We are all supporting each other here and the moderators are the best. I've been desperately low and written on here to just get things off my chest in hope that even though I may of been alone at the time I know someone may of listened , sure enough I get a reply And feel better for it.

You never need to be alone . Sorry you've been in tears , don't worry we all relate and sympathise with your pain and feelings x x take care Joanne x


Hi welcome to to the forum , this is one of the best ... Easy to navigate and plenty of people around at all hours we have more info about us at

Or just ask in questions

Or blog away

VG x



nice to "meet" you. You have found a wonderful support group.




Thank you.You seem a lovely friendly lot.

I live in Liverpool.x


Welcome to the forum Tabithaboots :)

As everyone has said you will find support, understanding and empathy here.

The forum run by volunteers (like myself) for Fibroaction alongside Lindsey Middlemiss the Founder & Chair of FibroAction UK Charity, link below

We often provide links to our website to help members as it has up-to-date information and helpful advice. So, you may like to have a browse at the website as mentioned above by Very-grumpy

We also have a Support Group Directory with details of independently run support groups around the UK. Here is the link so you can check if there is a group near you,

Please feel free to ask questions or blog anytime. The members & volunteers will be here to help answer your queries to the best of their ability and if they cannot will signpost you to the best place to find the answers you need.

So, grab a cuppa & enjoy chatting :)



Thanks Emma


No problem, you're welcome :)


A huge welcome to you! This is not just a site, members become like a fibro family and someone will always be there you nosy yet what the problem or question is. Looking forward to hearing fr you.

Much love....Charlii xx


Hello Tabi, and welcome.

This is a great. I love it because we can discuss anything, even the personal things we are having problems with.


Welcome, Tabitha,

We shall look forward to hearing from you. Lots of animal lovers here, as well as fibro sufferers, so you will feel at home :)

Moffy x


Welcome Tabitha,

it is so nice to read about positive people. It is great that you manage to voluntary work for the PDSA. Being active makes a difference when you feel the way we do every day. OK some days are bad, but to accomplish something good in a day makes us feel so much better. Do you find that it takes a lot of the "me I am in pain" thoughts away. Ok you may be in pain but being active is a great help.

Look forward to hearing more about your work. I just adore my cats, I would have a lot more if I could. They were both homeless and found me, now I am their slave.

Bye for now Deelightful. xxx


Yeah it helps a little with the pain.There are occassions I have to literally force myself to go into work.I have four cats two I rescuein spain when I lived there.x


Well, snap I lived in Spain for just over 2 years, whilst out there, we looked after 8 cats in total, when we left the neighbours took the only one with out a home on. I cried all the way from Valencia to England, I just hated leaving them. If I had not had been so ill I would still be there. They bring so much comfort, and pain relief, bless them.

I hope today was a good day, your friend



I lived in Altea loved it so did my daughter she speaks.fluent spanish now just from going to a spanish school.Luv to go.back but theres no work.


Our relations lived in Altea, shame so many had to come home, not a good time to be in Spain now. Glad your daughter can speak another language it will come in very useful to her.


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