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Need advice!

I don't suffer from fibromyalgia but my girlfriend does. She has been dealing with it brilliantly for almost 2 years now but the effects are starting to take their toll. We have tried all the doctors/websites advice such as gentle exercise, correct eating and trying to relax more. It has definitely helped but only to a certain extent. Does anyone else have any unconventional tips which we could try. I realise this is a long shot but you never know! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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I took out caffeine and artifical sweetness especially aspartame out of my diet. Improved my fibromyalgia so much.


Thanks :)


When u do ur first shops takes ages as aspartame is in anything that says no added sugar, reduced fat, fat free, or light. So muller lights, no added sugar juices, all lemonade, cheap line cordial, shloer light etc etc etc


I take Low Dose Naltrexone which has helped. Read up on it and see what you think. Doesn't help everyone.


I am so sorry to read that your girlfriend is suffering so much and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for.

I personally use a TENS Machine, which helps me a great deal.

All my hopes and dreams for you both


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You left out HydroTherapy that is just the right temperature and just the right water pressure, and Lite Physical Therapy where they gently massage you and work on you with pressure up to what feels good. I've had Fibro myself since 2003 and if I could afford these - or if my insurance would - I would be there in a heartbeat. Along with that you need to stick with living a healthy life - eating right, taking walks, and keep educated on the latest Fibro research all at the same time. I hope you find something that helps and Good Luck!

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Hello Jaimie, good to meet you and touched that you reach-out - your care for your girlfriend shines..

I feel that all the replies offer thoughtful approaches, so I'd say "all of the above" ....and if budget allows perhaps also consider exploring acupuncture or (if your girlfriend can manage direct touch) acupressure with a suitably qualified practitioner.

I've tried both (when budget allowed). Acupuncture felt very gentle and restful and helped me with pain relief.

Acupressure (which involves massage on the same points used in acupuncture) can bring amazing pain relief and deep relaxation, however because it involves direct and sometimes deep touch, it can feel quite sore and painful initially.

Another possibility to explore together could be reflexology, on the feet or hands, which can be very gentle, relaxing and 'speak' to the whole body.

A more affordable version, might be to explore you very gently massaging your girlfriend's feet with an easily available carrier oil (like apricot, almond or avocado) into which a few drops of lavender or chamomile oil are added.

This would depend on your girlfriend's tolerance and enjoyment of these oils, and your willingness to learn how to massage her hands or feet so I would perhaps ask advice from a qualified aromatherapist or informed person or book.

It sounds as if you're both already on good tracks to support your girlfriend's effective managing of her fibro.

Besides diet and rest and conscious relaxation, I wonder if you' ve fully explored the fine art of pacing?

There's quite a lot of subtlety in applying this, as I personally discover !

One of the key things is finding the level of energy and activity that's genuinely sustainable and repeatable...and shaping plans within that energy 'envelope' to leave some 'slack', rather than stretching beyond it.

I hope one or two of these ideas may inspre (from all the responses you receive)

Above all I wish for your girlfriend's best well-being, along with your wonderful support and your marvelous joint teamwork to find what best helps.

Warmest wishes

RockRose :-)

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Thank you for supporting your lady Jamie. I hope these tips help you both. My biggest tip for you would be to keep standing by her as you are doing. If she is not worried that you might judge her or trade her in for a healthier model that will help more than you know. Keep listening to her and learn what you can. Understand that for some very little helps and for some it gets harder. If she has your love no matter how hard her fm hits it will help her more than you will ever know

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Hi Jamie

The others have given you excellent advice and I would absolutely say that hydrotherapy if I could have continued accessing it would be the main one for me. Epsom Salt baths are also wonderfully relaxing and the magnesium in them is known to help aching muscles.

Just like to say how refreshing it is to read your post and that you are being so loving and procative in trying to help your girlfriend. She must feel well blessed.

I hope between you that you can find the strength to help you both deal with this illness and that some of the tips will work for her. Do let us know how she gets on.x

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Thanks for the advice and your kind words!


Hi rosewine,

I joined a fairly local leisure centre so I could use their hydrotherapy pool. It costs £4.35 a year to be a member of the centre. I access the hydrotherapy pool via a swimming club for disabled people. The disabilities of the people that go varies from people with different levels of autism, recovering stroke / heart attack people, hypermobility joint people, arthritic inflicted people, myself & others. They seem to welcome everyone that has a health issue / problem. The swimming club don't charge to use the pool, they say you can leave a donation in the box if you would like to, some people write a monthly cheque to the club, but there is no pressure on giving or on how much or little you contribute.

Hope it helps. XX

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hi Jamie I use hot and cold packs on pain I too do not take any medication I see a chiropractor when I can afford it husband gives me gentle massage and I try and do gentle excercise but it's all bout knowing your limits too.

I hope this help

Tell your girlfriend I hope she feels better soon

Take care

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Hi Jamie,

well done for being such a caring partner!

My husband massages my back and neck three times a day with arnica-ruta cream. I was first prescribed it by a consultant at the Royal Hospital for Integrated Medicine in Holborn, (London), and we used to buy it from their pharmacy. Now they don't sell it except on prescription and, as I'm now under the National Hospital instead, we buy it from Helios in Covent Garden. They have a website but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put that here, but you can google them.

I don't think I can add anything more to the ideas others have already shared.

The very best of luck to you both!


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