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need advice


I'm just wondering if theres anything else i can try because im in bad pain with my legs an back but it wont crack (it eases the pain when it does), my docs higherd the dose of tab to 75mg twice a day an they only work every so often :/, im really tired i can sleep standing up or i could be sat down having a conversation an then just fall asleep, its really annoying as im only young.

im going to stop now as my hands r killing just typing this :(


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hi bless you yes i do that start talking or texting and nearly drop off but thing is dont when i come to bed pain all over today feel sick at min normally answer blogs but us couldnt today only on here as cant sleep again arghh had nap on sofa but wan a real sleep sorry right old misery tonight i am jus so fed up of no sleep constant pain oh you know how it is bless you love to you diddle x


sorry you should go back to GP ref med we allon such different combinations it is trail and error as to what will work for you good luck with it though love diddle x


Hiya Becka,

How long is it since you saw your doctor? What tablets are you taking?

If you're falling asleep when having a conversation, I think I'd go back and see my doctor again. Does he know that you do this?

You are very young love, hope you have a doctor who understands?

I see you are a qualified nursery nurse. Good for you. I'm a childminder and still working. It's hard but I manage as I'm not as bad as a lot of people here.

Let us know if you see your doctor and what s/he says?


Sue xx


To echo what the others have said, you really need to go and see your GP to find out what is going on. Re the pain, I find that a nice warm bath helps me , but might not help you.

Please make an appointment soon xxxx


Hi beca,

You dont say what tablets you take hun, but like what everyone else has said get yourself to the gp hun. Tell them how bad you are and dont leave till thye gaive you something to try.

hugs, kel xxxx


hi all,

thanks for your comments and im on diclofenic and amitryptiline (which i dont take as i feel groggy an angry), the pain is just constant i can barley cope some days i just sit there crying with it :(

i was at my doctors 2 weeks ago and what ever i said i.e my spine needs to click constantly or i cant move properly and all i got told was "its your condition", the doctors react like they have no time and they dont listen :/.

ill look at that article thank you very much, i went to the doctors once as my back locks and i cant walk at all if i sit a certain way and they told me "it was a trapped nerve because of my weight", yet another doctor said its the fibro as the muscle round my spine r inflammed but i cant use muscle rub or any other pain killers becuase of the tabs im on:(


becka xxxxxxxx

p.s does anyone have any advice about appealing against a decision for esa, the medical team say im fine and theres nothin wrong with me, please?


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