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Hey fibro family,

I haven't been on here for a while as I have been very ill and had loads going on in the personal life.

I will be returning to work on the 2nd of April. Still heard nothing off the occupational therapist.

I'm going to apply for PIP this week and wondered if the only way to apply is via phone?

I am very nervous about applying but feel like I need some form of help payment wise as I know I cannot/will not be able to return to full hours.

I'm counting my spoons in a day and realise I don't have enough for 8 hours 5 days a week.

Someone mentioned about epsom salts full of magnesium for pain - I bought some from holland and barrette on friday and I've had 2 soothing baths with them. It has definitely helped my skin and my pain did decrease somewhat before bed. I will continue using it and let you all know of the outcome.

*One small salt for bath - one less ache for man*

Has anyone heard of EFT? to help with pain management, someone told me to try it the other day and i'm just wondering if anyone has tried it and if it helped?

Soft hugs and love from me :)

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You have to apply for PIP via a phone call. You'll be asked various questions on your health and mobility and, if deemed appropriate, you will be sent a form to complete and return within one month. Xx


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your PIP application.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Cushmonkey,

So glad to hear you're feeling better.

Did you manage to speak to anyone regarding your company's decision to ask you to return to work on the 2nd without waiting for an Occupational Therapist's report?

I would still recommend you follow this up. There are online organisations that can assist and of course, CAB.

Don't get pushed into doing something you're not ready for or you may be setting yourself up to fail.

Do let us know how you're getting on. Glad to hear the Epsom Salts are helping.

Wishing you the very best.

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I did ask but unfortunately the occupational therapy also does not have a date, and they couldn't wait for what if's.

I've seen the doctor again and they have just added more tablets pregablin and they are making me really unwell.

I'm a tad frustrated with this whole process but excited to return to work in a way.

I tried the eft but found it wasn't really for me.

I feel awful I only come on here to moan but again nothing seems to be going right. When I stick to my guns everything goes completely in reverse 😞

I'm thinking of going private to the pain clinic as I have been told to wait until I've seen occupational therapy. That day seems to never come x

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Don't worry about coming on here to moan - everyone on here understands and to be honest, moaning is often the best and most therapeutic part of having these awful conditions.

Still anxious about you going back to work before getting an Occupational Therapy Report from your company's own doctor/team because it's unclear to me how they intend to 'make reasonable adjustments and accommodations based on your health issues' which is the law.

I'm also totally thrown by the fact that your doctor appears to be waiting to hear from the Occupational Therapy before coming to a diagnosis! It should definitely be the other way round - I cannot emphasis that enough. The Occupational Therapists are not in a position to diagnose - it's just not their role and will not be accepted in Employment Law.

I'm pleased to hear that in some ways, you're looking forward to getting back to work - hopefully, you'll be able to cope well and things will start to feel better generally or you'll be too distracted by work to focus too much on your health issues.

Wishing you all the very best and looking at ways to return to the workplace myself. In the interim, do look into speaking to a Union Rep as soon as you get back.


Sorry I should have been clearer in what I meant. Occupational health (work based) 90% from the 'nurse' said I was fine and could return to work.

Where as the last occupational health report I had said I was not fit for work and she 'doctor' believed I had fibromyalgia but obviously cannot diagnose me as it was work based. It had already gone to a discussions officer and the odds were not in my favour.

My rheumatologist refered me to the occupational therapist (nhs) so they could help me get back into work whilst finding a diagnosis so I didn't lose my job. I am returning Thursday and not seen them yet. So helpful 😒😞

I'm not really sure what to do anymore, as I have asked begged and bugged the doctors/ secretary and no one seems to be listening xx


Aaah, I completely understand now. I'm so sorry for getting the wrong end of the stick. I am however still of the opinion that you should at least be represented on the work front by a Union who will make sure that the company does right by you.

It's awful having to wait for referral appointments. Am I correct in saying that you're going back part time? At least that will help initially but you'll have to remember to pace yourself.

Where does it hurt most? Perhaps some of us on here could suggest exercises we've been given in the past to help ease the pain and strengthen out muscles.

Hope things work out for you at work. Don't let them bully you and remember that if they've been able to force you back this time, they could definitely do it again so try to protect yourself.


Oh it's not a problem, Occupational therapy and occupational health are hard to distinguish lol.

I have been using the union through all of this and they advised me to atlas try going back as it works in my favour even though i've been back already previously. They advised there was a big chance that I would lose my job under the circumstances.

I am going back part-time and having a phased return in that sense I have protected myself. In all fairness my new manager has been wonderful and done all she can for me.

I have pain all over my body, My main pain is in my rib/ under my breast but can go all over my rib chest. I get a burning shooting pain down to my belly button up to my neck and all down my left side.

My hips get very painful and my ankles sometimes feel like they could snap. I get problems with my hands and arms. shoulders. My downstairs has for the last couple of months been extremely painful to, that has been the worst as of late. Every now and again my legs give way.

I forget quite a bit and talk nonsense when i'm in the worst of my pain. I was getting very bad dizzy spells at first but I think my tablets have increased that.

I am just fatigued all of the time.

I'm really looking to pay privately for the pain clinic as I don't feel waiting for the NHS occupational therapy is going see my/ do anything any time soon.

I keep getting told my professionals who aren't in a position to give me a diagnosis that they believe it's fibro.

I wish I could help people on here more myself, I have nothing of substance to help atm. Other than the epsom salts do help more than my tablets for around 2 hours.

Thank you, soft hugs xx


Hi cushmonkey I have tried EFT. Unfortunately it didn't work for me but I have several people say it helped them. Good luck :o)


Hello Cushmonkey,

We, FibroAction can send you guides on PIP with step by step help if you send us an email using our Admin Assistant Karen would be happy to send to you.

I haven't tried Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) so cannot really comment on that but many members find Progressive Muscle Relaxation helps, so this might be something to think about to do at home maybe morning & evening. I do this regularly & find Hydrotherapy/Warm Water Therapies beneficial as part of a combined approach to Fibro. I have Epsom salts too & a while ago used a Floatation Tank which is Hydrotherapy with Epsom Salts at a high concentration.

I did blog about it so if you want to use the search bar to find it, please do so.

I hope this is of interest

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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