Does anyone know anything about  formerly DLA which is now PIP. What entitles you to this benefit? I have recently been told by a friend that I should be claiming it but I'm not sure whether it's a benefit for people who require a carer or for people who have lost limbs etc.  I suffer from Neuropathic pain since breaking my back 6 years ago. Anyone that suffers from it will know that every day is different. I suffer with sleep deprivation and don't sleep for days,. Some days I am so exhausted  I can't even get out of bed and when I do I often need help to get up and even do the simplest things like getting dressed etc.. I'm on controlled drugs + other medication for the pain and therefore cannot always do the simplest things and rely on my partner to do so much for me. Could anyone tell me if it sounds like I would be the type of person that would be entitled for the benefit.  I must say it would make such a financial difference to us as obviously our life has changed radically, financially, with only one wage coming into the house and my partner struggling to do 30 hours a week because of my needs.

Any info would be a great help. 


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  • If all you said is correct I can't see why you would not be entitled to benefits.zThis is just my opinion.Good luck.  Peck.😊

  • Hi

    It sounds as if you may be entitled

    Its as it says a benefit to help you be independent

    You can claim if you are working or not and if on any benefits or not .

    Thiers two elements

    Personal Care and Mobility

    Good Luck


  • I always think if you have a disability then it is well worth submitting a claim. I have pasted you a link below to the FMA UK benefit adviser who can give you some information and advice about PIP:


    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Yes I think you sound like you qualify for PIP. We are in a similar position. Depending on your partners earnings or your past NI payments you may qualify for ESA, council tax benefitand housing benefit too. Lots of forms to carefully fill in but lots of people on here to help!

    Best wishes


  • I most definitely think you would be entitled to claim it, I have ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia and was able to claim the lower component while still at work, now that I'm out of work as both my conditions worsened and I've a further medical condition, I'm now on the middle rate but also get the full mobility rate as well, my opinion is if you don't ask you don't get! Good luck if you do choose to apply x

  • Hello

    My DLA is about to expire and if I am successful it is replaced by the PIP.  On your DLA entitlement page should have an expiry date on it and they sent mine out about four months before it expired.  I found it a lengthy and intense form and it took me several days to complete it.  Keep all your medical reports, appointments so you can give them as much information as possible.  I should have had my interview yesterday but after having a flare up and needing the on call GP during the night I had to cancel and re arrange.  My worry there is that even with a GP letter if I cancel this appt my claim would be cancelled.

    I am not an expert on this so this is just my own personal experience at present.  Hope this helps and good luck.

    Take care

  •  What things are they interested in?

  • Hiya

    How your conditions affect you on a day to day basis, personal care, how much help you need, medication, medical reports and appointments.  Took me a few weeks to fill the form in.   Have my interview next week for the PIP assessment.  My husband comes home on Thursday for the first time this year as he works away so this is his first task on his to do list.

    They send you out a help leaflet for some of the questions but remember to give your answers on how the question affects you on a bad day.

    Good luck with this.  Just set yourself so many questions a day to answer.

    Ps I am no expert just saying what I have had to do.

  • Hi, sounds like you should apply, it's not means tested, and would open other doors such as blue badge, I am awaiting my decision, had my interview a couple of weeks ago. From what I gather, don't worry if you don't have doctors evidence ( if you have, great, but it doesn't seem to matter if not), just make sure you read up on the help available in filling in the application, good luck!

  • Hiya 

    It sound to me that you will be entitled to at least some of it if nit all! 

    I have controlled meds which if I go abroad I have to have a letter from my doctors.

    I was on full DLA. But lost my car because I can plan a jouney on iPad, nothing that I can make one!

    You have nothing's to lose by putting in for it and everything to gain.

    I got stranded of both so good luck, and if at first they turn you down appeal.


  • I am in the stages of trying.. I went to see a welfare right officer at my local Citizens advice.. I will let you all know if I get anything and if my endeavours worked with help from W.R

  • Hi Wrighty, I have had it avaible to me for 8 years but never claimed it. Now my doctor tells me to get anything more than a phisyo appointment I need to claim it so they get more money for my care so I am going through it now. Taking weeks and you have to pay to get all your med records, so you can send them to people required.

    Its so rubbish, the company that review and approves them is a private company; a former friend who worked at one told me that they are on bonus' to find reasons not to pay! Sounds about par for the course for any or are government

    Just a note, you don not need PIP to get a blue badge or to register disabled so you get discounts etc. I have had all these for years and they are not directly related.

    get applying, it take forever, so the sooner the better


  • Can you just explain to me what makes people entitled to PIp?  Is it that you need help on normal life activities etc or are they looking for something else?

  • You have nothing to lose and could gain so much.  For advice and help contact FMAUK's benefits advice which is one of the pinned posts in blue at the top right of the page.

  • Thank you for all the advise I have just emailed Janet. What sort of questions were you asked when applying for the form?

  • Sorry what does FMAUKS stand for?

  • Hi again, it stands for Fibromyalgia Action UK.

  • Thank you for asking about this. I've just phoned the DWP to apply for PIP myself and I was left with a number of questions which have been answered in this thread. I think it will be worth going for. Thanks for the link for FMAUK's benefits advice.

  • Hi Dryad

    Please see my reply below. 

    It is very important to get professional help filling in your PIP form. The DWP need the form worded in a special way. 

    If you Google for a Disability Advocate in your area you should be able to find one. 

    They are dedicated charities to help people with these forms. The form is more like a book!

    I'll let you have Janet's contact details again, although I have Pinned them on to the forum:


    Please let me know if you need any further help. 

    Lu x

    Volunteer Administrator 

  • Thank you!

  • Hi there

    Yes, in answer to your question. Definitely apply. If you contact our own benefits advisor Janet she will be able to point you in the right direction. Here are her contact details:


    Please please make sure you get professional help filling your form in. You can get help from a Disability Advocate or the CAB, or Welfare Rights. Personally I would highly recommend a Disability Advocate. 

    PIP is not an easy benefit to get.  There are lots of form filling and assessments and time constraints. But if you start out knowing this, then that's half the battle.

    Good luck. If you need any further help don't hesitate to let me know. 

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x

    Volunteer Administrator 

  • Thank you x

  • Pleace put in for this you are entitled to it you are suffering so much go get help from your citizens advise good luck 

  • It breaks your heart that people genuinely sick that deserve this payment have to jump through hoops, and even then have the worry of it all, it's not bad enough being wracked with pain,and the stress, and then have to go through the indignant face to face,form filling finding someone to help etc,it really does turn this DLA/PIP situation into a farce.

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