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Back Swelling/Lump?

Hi Everyone

Over the last few days I have what can only be described as a swelling/lump on my lower back left hand side of my spine. It is firm to touch and painful, there also a feeling of numbness/tingling to it.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Is it just another side effect of Fibro? I dont want to bother my GP for something that is Fibro related as he must be sick of seeing me.

Caz. Xxx

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I have never experienced this as a part of FM.

I hope you contact your GP for correct diagnosis.

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I would say definitely go and bother your GP, we fibromites get all sorts odd effects but when it's new get it checked out x

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Oh dear, sounds painful. Hope you will see your GP soon. Am sure your GP will agree you need examination. :) KT_Rose


I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue and I would definitely discuss this with your GP just to get a definitive diagnosis of what the cause is.

Good luck


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Don't sound like anything common to fibro,, it could be something as simple as a sebaceous cyst but it is a very complex area,, being so close to root nerves it may have to be seen to as it could cause much pressure on the nerves. I would have the Dr look at it and sooner rather than later while it is still so small,, that is what the Dr is there for don't worry about bothering them!

Best Wishes, Ray


Thank you all for your replies.

Will make appointment today it will be next week now when I can get one.

Caz. Xx




Hi everyone.

Went to GP this morning about swelling on my back. Turns out it is just my muscles that are swollen and nothing more serious than that. (Mind you that's serious enough got enough pain without my muscles swelling too).

While I was there I told her my restless legs have been playing up this last wk or so, and I am in unbelievable pain in my legs at night (it's so bad I have been in tears). She is taking me off tramadol (got to lower dose this wk) and I start morphine from next Monday twice a day and if that doesn't work I will then get liquid morphine, keeping a record of how much works for me.

Been very depressed this last couple of wks crying for the stupidest things. So hopefully I can get pain under control my mood will pick up.


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