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Hi everyone I am a new member, I recently got diagnosed with fibromyalgia in December. It was very upsetting for me, I halved my work load so that help, but I still get painful arms and legs. My doc has prescribed Sertraline I take 50mg once a day, any one else take this? I've been taking it now for 1 month, can't really say it's doing anything at the moment though. The only thing I have noticed is that it's affected my sex drive , is this normal ? 😞 I am thinking about stopping it.

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Many drugs can have that effect however see your GP if you want to come off this drug as you need to reduce it carefully, never just stop. x


Many thanks Lou x 😊 I think I will make appointment to see doc. I was thinking of St. John's wort but that has the side effects with lack of sex drive too apparently 😥


Hi mammajo :)

Welcome to our friendly fibro forum and I hope you find the answers you are looking for :)

I have been taking Sertraline for a number of years to help me control my anxiety and depression and the dosage has changed many times according to my needs. I currently take 100mg daily but it could rise or fall if required (always on doctors advice). It apparently also works as a pain medication according my doctor. With all medications it can take time to work and it is possible that you may need to take a higher dose which you will need to discuss with your doctor.

One thing we have to remember is that because we take the same medication it doesn't mean it will have the same effects on us both. it depends on what other medications or treatments you have for example.

I have taken a look on to find their medication descriptor for Sertraline for you so that you can check to see if you're experiencing any unwanted side-effects.

I am not a medical professional just a fellow fibromite sharing some info with you and my advice is to go and have a chat with your GP about it. It can take a while to find the right combination of meds that work.

We also have a Topic/Category section here on the right side of the screen where you'll find our FAQ's.

One FAQ discusses what to do if you think your medications aren't working for you, which I think may be useful to you because it is full of useful links to Fact sheets on our Mothersite where there is a wealth of information regarding Fibromyalgia.

FAQ - My current medication doesn't seem to be working, what treatments are recommended for Fibro?

I hope that this helps and if there is anything else please ask away as there is always someone not too far away that may be able to help or even just offer a hug for support.

Looking forward to seeing you around :)

xxx sian :)


Hi sian thanks so much for your reply, I'm going to go back to doctors and discuss my issues with him, perhaps I got to give it time 😞 x


I am 66yr old female. Sertraline a few months.(many other meds in past). 'to help you live with the symptoms' he said.

Doc has gradually moved the dose up to 150mgs, started at 50mgs.

I don't feel any better. Struggling to remain upright each day anyway tho some chronic back pain has been eased temporarily by Denervation so I thought I would be much better.

I had a tremor before the Sertraline. Has been erratically vast since S. Doc reduced dose to 125mgs saying 'maybe U have reached your maximum dose' . No idea whether the shaking increase would have happened anyway.

I still feel physically terrible. Even I pad is difficult.

I did start singing OPERA (Carmen) to my cat one evening of late. He was not impressed ! That was my most cheerful moment and is no diff to before S. Told it takes a while to work.

In past I have had Duloxetine. don't know really if it was the D but had months of being unable to stay awake about six hours from waking, ending up in a kind of stupor for several hours daily. Also weight increase (good in my case but the 'stupors' impossible to live with.

This is my experience so. Far which may be different for you any way.


Thanks micro, I will make another appointment to see doctor I think 😞 x


Hi dan thanks for reply I will mention to doctor about Duloxetine 😊 just trying different ones to suit your individual needs I suppose.


Hi Mammajo

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I genuinely hope that you find the forum useful, informatve and loads of fun.

There are many medications that you could discuss with your GP so I would personally look into a few and see what your doctor suggests. I find a combination of drugs works best for me.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams fr you



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