Hi guy's,i have not been on for a while. I have been waiting for the big brown envelope to arrive after my appeal so today is the day It arrived.here we go on opening the letter to my amazement I have managed to get it back at the standard rate for mobility and Care also back dated from the 30th of August.i am so happy and I would just like to wish everyone that is going through what I went through the very best of luck to you all.


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  • Great news xx

  • Great news *****

  • Another good news story.

    What a relief for you.

    Take care.



  • Well done BOB! Now you can relax!

  • Great news Bob very pleased for you xxxx

  • Hi Bob

    That is wonderful news :)

    I know what a nightmare you have been through over this.

    I am genuinely delighted for you.

    Take care

    Lu xx

  • Hi Lu, I would just like to say a big thank you for your help and support you have given me though these tough times you have always been there for me once again thank you.

    BOB xx

  • You're so welcome my friend ☺

    I hope this means you wont be struggling so much now.

    Lu xx

  • That is absolutely wonderful news to read my friend! Well done! :)

  • Thank you for all your help my friend


  • :)

  • Congratulations on winning your appeal. I have yet to be " called up" for the dreaded changeover assessment and can say I definitely not looking forward to the prospect !!

  • I know what you will be going through I hope you don't have the problems I had good luck to you and take care of yourself


  • Good luck well done stil waiting for mine Whdt is the standard rate ? ? Got

  • The standard rate for both is 76.90 a week

  • Well done, I applied 4 months ago, did all the questioners and bits of paperwork they have been sending me and only to find out that they have denied my petition because I haven't been living in England for the past 27 years and I have to be here minimum 2 years to be eligible. I have fibro, testicular cancer with widespread metastasis and severe asthma, even though ESA have approved me under special rules (which I am still going through the process, now on the last part of it) PIP still say I am not eligible because of not being here for the 2 year minimum period. What I want to know is why don't they say that at the beginning instead of just going along as if all is ok? So now I will have to find some other sistem to help me apart from ESA. I have also asked for housing benefits but no reply at all after 4 months, so now ESA have said ok, I hope housing will say something intelligent and not say something stupid like I haven't been back in the country for long enough!! I was born here and taken as a child to Spain, now that is not my fault but they seem happier to help some Rumanian or a Arab rather than someone British by birth.... anyway congratulations you have got your PIP sorted out as it will be a huge help to you !!

  • Well done

  • Hi Bod sorry to hear that you had to go through an appeal to get your PIP. But I am happy that you now have got it.😄I have heard and read about the stresses that people have to go through and especially when they are really ill to get there benefits.😡 For me I must off been one off the lucky ones. I had a lovely lady come out and she really helped me with the hole process. She did say that the finale decision could not Lie with her and I would hear back from them. Like you I got the big brown envelope and I received standard for mobility and full care. Also I got it fully back dated. It makes me so cross that when the genuine people are really ill and have to go through all of this to get what they entitled to and it adds to there stresses. Like you I wish all the people good luck when it comes to getting what they are in title to. Happy days to you. By the way I also got it awarded for life. Did you get it for life or do you have to apply again in about 3 years? I think it's around that time. Take good care. XX

  • Great news xx

  • Congratulations Bob. Great news in time for Christmas.

  • I'm very pleased for you well done ☇1

  • Good news glad you got it back. I am waiting for a date to go for my ESA appeal. I know we are always happy when someone gets a decision overturned or are able to get benefits linked to being ill BUT how sad is it that we are all happy and relieved to get what really at the end of the day we are all ENTITLED to!!!!

  • Brilliant news bobajob. You can breath now and enjoy your Christmas. Best wishes xx

  • Bob that is fantastic news it must be such a relief for you. More people lately seem to be having some good results so fingers crossed that the power that be are slowly realising that the system is too stacked against us. Have they said how long your award is for?

  • Only awarded until 2020 then go through it all again but at least I can rest for a while now

  • Well I suppose better than just a couple of years hoped it would be longer for you but as you say it gives you a bit of time to relax.x

  • Good stuff...

    An extra few bob...Bob :)

  • Great news for you,,,just at the right time,,have a good christmas,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Well done I have fibromyalgia and spondylosis

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