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I B S anything ideas ?

I'm getting bloating, wind, which causes anything achey to seem to worsen. Bubbling, waking up with it, even lukewarm water worsens it. I am under seven stone, losing more, doc vague about solutions, prob very fed up of me too ! Much trouble eating tho keeping to rice cake type food at mo.

Want to avoid the potential need to do a FOd Maps diet for many reasons ?

Tried many solutions.

Simeticone, aloe Vera, all the 'normal' advice on the web.


Have sent for 'Bifidabacterium infantis' mentioned bt the 'international foundation for gastro...? Disorders. (Iffg something, to try.

Has anyone found a 'helper'?

I am taking Morphine.

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Hi Micro, Sorry you are so uncomfortable. Must be frustrating?

Any chance you have food allergies, food sensitivities, gluten intolerance?

In addition to formal food allergy testing (allergy M.D.), I use probiotics and digestive enzymes. These measures have helped me immensely.

Have you considered keeping a food diary to maybe see a correlation between food intake and symptoms?

As always, please check with your treating physician before adding any supplements.


Have you looked at the IBS Network site on the web as they have some useful information. I too suffer with IBS and it is all you need when you have other illnesss as well. I think alot of the medication we take does not help. I find alot of supplements actually make mine worse so things like Evening Primrose Oil, Cod Liver Oul are an absolute no no for me as I get cramps and could book the loo.

I don't know how tall you are but 7st seems to be very light. Has you GP made any suggestions that you should see a dietician or specialist?x.

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Hi Micro, I went to the gastroenterologist when I began having these symptoms, mysterious to me as I never even knew what bloating meant before this. The GI doc did a slew of tests, colonoscopy, CT of abdomen and pelvis, pancreatic insufficiency lab test. I think that was all. She decided it was IBS and suggested using the low FODMAP diet of restricted foods.

I've only been religiously following this for the past 3 weeks and so far my symptoms of pain are better, but some things aren't. I'm going to give it more time. I need to be sure I eat enough veggies as I get lazy about preparing them sometimes.

I found this link which suggests that opiates can worsen IBS symptoms. I know codiene was horrible for me when I was younger as it gave me severe constipation. Anyway, you might like to check out this site:

And thia link is what directed me to the above:

Just look up FODMAP on the internet to get more info about it. There are also some interesting discussions here on the site if you seach the terms FODMAP or IBS. Here is a list of the "restricted" and "OK" foods for the FODMAP:

I am still struggl;ing with this, but the abdominalpain is better, and the bloating is pretty much gone unless I eat something I now know causes my symptoms. One other thing I do is drink a lot of water.

I also make teas that are good for the digestive tract. Some of the ingredients I may mix and match are: mint tea; ginger tea, grated ginger or both; chamomile tea if I need to be more relaxed; squeezed lemon wedges and/or lemon zest; and a sweetener such as honey, grade B maple syrup, or agave syrup.

I usually add some herbal extracts. Artichoke is good for the digestion. My accupuncturist prescribed astragulus which strengthens the kidneys. I usually use that when I feel like my energy is sagging, which is most of the time. If I have a sore throat or other cold symptoms, I nip them in the bud with all of the above and add echinacea or use echinacea tea. I have sinus problems so I add extract of stinging nettle. There are other extracts which are usually unheard of by most people but they are especially helpful for women. If you want more info, PM me, OK?

You can find these herbal extracts from herbpharm or mountainrose; probably others.

Well, that is the limit of my knowledge on the subject. I hope some of this may help you.


OK, so at the risk of being even more boring, I jsut thought of another substance probably everyone has heard of, Arnica.

It's used to treat just about any bruise or inflammation. Kind of similar properties in part to aloe.

You can add arnica to tea or juice to help with the IBS inflammation. And here is an idea I just had and should give a try. There are any number of preparations with arnice, from cremes to massage oils. Rubbing one of these on the belly or using a hot compress with an arnica preparation, then covering with the moist heat, could maybe help the IBS symptoms.

If I didn't say it above, (I don't even want to reread my own post!) that moist heat definitely helps me get rid of the gas - in both directions! Oh, I'm such a wuss, I don't like to get into the sx, but what can you do if it's true? Ha ha ha . . . :-)


Thanks for all your replies, so quickly....much 'food for thought' !

Some new ideas among them to follow up. I appreciate all the info.


I do not suffer with anything of this nature, but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you are looking for.

Good luck



Hi I find the very best thing by far is a cheap old remedy - activated charcoal - you can buy it cheaply over the Internet from a British company, and it is better than the more expensive makes - take 4 tabs 2-3x a day for a week then reduce over 3 months then after that use as needed - it gave me instant relief - no side effects either except rather dark stools.


I quite often suffer from it. Get really bad pains in my stomach as well. It feels like someone is stabbing me. I have been checked for IBS but I looked at a list of ME symptoms when I started to suffer from it and bloating and stomach pains are one of the symtoms so I will just have to live with it. I have given up eating bread which can cause you to bloat (best thing I ever did).


for me what has helped greatly are: probiotic daily, stool softener daily( don' take if having diarrhea), fiber capsules daily, and an antispasmodic for cramping. good luck!!!


Hello there

I suffer from terrible IBS too so I know how horrid it is :(

My GP recommended FODMAP. It is fascinating and has made me realise I am definitely intolerant to garlic (on top of all the other stuff!) Like you, I don't want to do the actual diet because it basically means you cannot leave the house unless you have a packed lunch with you as it is so restrictive! My advice is to do a food diary when you eat stuff they tell you to avoid on FODMAP and try to identify your triggers.

Have you tried charcoal or peppermint oil tablets from health shop?

I plan to go to Holland and Barret and buy aloe vera juice today to try xz