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I was just wondering if anyone else suffers from a kind of narcolepsy.....falling asleep randomly

I am new to this site and have been reading peoples problems thinking yes thats me!

i seem to just be in the middle of doing something for example making a cup of tea or doing my make up and just falling asleep and just falling out of chairs. Also be standing up and falling asleep and falling. I'm scared i am going to do myself a serious injury.

I just wondered if this happened to anyone else and if there are any solutions.

hope everyone isnt having too bad a day x

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It doesn't happen to me when I'm standing up, I would speak to your doctor I have a friend that suffers from both.


I am doing the same since this last year. Falling asleep as I take a mouthful of coffee. I think it is maybe a build up of exhaustion. Cannot be bothered to see the doctor as I need energy to move home for now and have not been too bad so far this year.

Do get it checked out by your doctor and let us know what they say.

Until then take care. I drink cooler drinks and sit where I cannot fall. Only carry food if I am sure I am fully awake. Best wishes. Fi


Its the exhaustion but it only happens me when I'm sat down go see. Your dr

Take care



it only happens to me when im sitting down and only know ive been asleep when i wake up .i dont think its really sleeping in my case because it is just so deep and i dont rouse at all and thats not like how i sleep . Told my gp but fibro or fibro drugs seem to be a huge umbrella to him , Hope yours is more sympathetic .


It happens to me every time I sit on our sofa! It happened standing up the other day - suddenly became overwhelminlgy exhausted and started falling over asleep..... scary!


Thankyou so much you are al such lovely people it. It's nice to knmow im not the only one going through all of this. having a disabled child with special needs who is on the go 24 hours, but thankyou for the advice it proberby is exhaustion. hope everyone has a good day x


Hi, yep! Like everyone else, I fall asleep if I sit or relax. Frequently find myself waking up after having slumped over the computer keyboard. I once fell asleep sitting in a car park in the car! It was very hot and I thought I'd have drink of water before leaving the car and suddenly, I awoke with the open bottle in my hand. I have no idea how much time passes. Sometimes I think I must have been asleep for hours and it's five minutes, and other times I think it's been five mins and its been nearer 90! My Dr. usually puts it down to the condition or the tablets. Not really any use to you but overall, a clear indication that this symptom is part of the 'global' fibro condition.


wow thanks. havent started falling asleep in the car yet, ive been scared to go to the doctors incase tehy take away my driving license and ive become a 'danger' to others. i was dying my friends her for her the other day and just stopped and fell asleep it was strange i think it might just be exhaustion but thanks again it is nice to no im not the only one!! xxx


I can sleep anywhere at any time when my fatigue is that bad, and i get very grumpy if people dont leave me alone for me to have at least 10 mins.

If i get interupted sleep due to someone else (not my pain) i cant handle it the next day and my other half gets it poor him lol.

kel xxx


I used to fall asleep when people were talking to me, which is not a good way to keep friends. My nick name was 'Dormouse'. My GP upped my amitriptyline to 50mg, one taken nightly which seemed to help. I don't work full time now so maybe that is also helping, as I don't let myself get exhausted.


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