Do you have an iPhone? I found a useful app for documenting pain

It's called My Pain Diary and it's so worth having. You can e-mail reports to your doctor if need be. I've been using mine to keep track of all of my pain as I was just recently diagnosed. I'll be printing this off for my doctors to take a look at. I think it's great. You can set yourself reminders as well, it documents the weather (pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.)

If you have an iPhone, I certainly recommend downloading it. It might be on the Android market, too.

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  • ooh i might look at i have android market, i keep a diary - but sometimes forget to fill in and nearly always forget to take to Drs with me. But always have my phone, thanks for the tip.

  • oh that sounds good but i am useless at hi tec phones so i only have ordinary one but souds great fun love to you diddle x

  • What a good idea ;)

  • That's the idea. :)

  • That sounds wonderful. I'm always forgetting to do my diary. If it can only find patterns in the links between temperature, the weather, maybe I could also link in foods and my cycle, also possibly exercise, then it would be really useful. Who am I kidding, this as I said is someone who can't even remember to fill in a diary Lol.

    I'll download it anyway though. Thanks for the tip.

  • I believe the developer is working on adding all kinds of features, including food tracking, etc. So, definitely keep it and update it as they come!

  • Also you can set reminders in it for you to add an entry. I have a reminder set for just before lunch, just before dinner and just before bed. Works great!

  • will check out the Android market. thanks for the useful info.

  • Yes I did download it and it's great. I didn't realise you could add reminders though, that's really useful. Thanks.

  • Thank you have just down loaded this x

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