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warning messages

hi all, has anyone had any messages left in your in box from a woman from Africa i had one sent to me 4 days ago from this site she sent me a email address so i added her to my email thought she was from my area she sent message to me with picture telling me all about her life in Africa think this is a scam have now deleted her so be careful i still have the message in my inbox on this site so if admin need to see it

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Hi, Not had message from this one no x


This is a scam... I had one from someone wanting my email address to send pictures to.....


This is a very well-used & all too common SCAM!! These are often (but not always) generated by machines so always delete them as the are always after your personal details & eventually money... Often virus is spread in this way too. So. If you do not recognise email sender or the details start going on about how they/she/he is a poor unfortunate (they often bring stories of how their children are suffering into it) then just simply delete. Do not feel targeted, these are just opportunist emails and affect everyone AND every business too.

Gentle hugs :-)





please report it we have had a few latly and are doing our best to keep on top of this ..

again to remind you dont give out any personal information

please be caeful and i sorry if anyone was upset by this

Gentle dyslexic hugs


Sylp65 please click on the link below to read about our warning concerning the computer generated spambot we have recently had in our forum -



thanks all i have now delated the message and also reported it to the windows team as i was still to email here so have done a health check on my pc and added new malwear as well will not be so till in the future


Oh deR i am from africa lol but i promise i am not a scam am an ex zimbawean

white lady added tht cos loads of people here hnve assumed i was coloured lol petal (faded blossom)


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