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I've been on this site for a while now and if I can help in some way I try to.

unfortunately, in trying to resolve a mis-understanding yesterday, someone took offence and posted something about me.

as I was unable to come on this site until later, many people had the opportunity to read it.

I did not, someone had sent me a pm to look at it, but it had gone when I looked.

I cannot now see what was written or respond.

no harm was intended, only help and support.

I hope that if anyone has a problem with any thing I write that they would send me a pm and we can discuss it.



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  • It was a storm in a teacup, Sandra - and you are not the sort of person ever to cause offence, or to deserve to have anything disparaging said about them

    It's impossible for people to always agree on any given subject, but we should all try to be tolerant when others express a point of which differs from our own.

    Moffy x

  • Hi San I saw your post where you tried to help ... I also saw the post that named you ... Knowing you as I do, I know you were only trying to help. many misunderstandings occur due to us only being able to use text. I am so sorry this has happened to you I am also sorry for the other person as from her post it was obvious she had misunderstood your message.

    VG x

  • thankyou,

    I wrote that misunderstandings were a result of only being able to use text, which is a cold medium.

    that even italics allow us to show feeling and that's why I like the emo's such as :D or :(

    then we can see when someone is being lighthearted.

    how that upset anyone is beyond me.

  • Evening San

    I too read all the posts and found nothing that was offensive or indeed anything but of an empathetic nature.

    We must all try not to read things into text that are not there. I believe it is unnecessary upsetting for all parties and a waste of precious time xgins

  • Hello sandra99b, Sorry i am a bit late in replying but i read both the posts and I too agree with gins I didn't find anything offensive, it is very difficult to reply to a message when its just in text!! We all have our off days and we all do try and help each other as best we can! Aisha x

  • Oh Sandra, :(

    Whenever I see you you are always kind, caring and helpful - going out of your way to try to help others. And that's how people do and will consider you, as that kind caring person, not to make an ignorant judgement over a single post. I, for one, didn't see it, but even if I did I'm sure I wouldn't think anything of it. I have NEVER known you to be offensive.

    I hope you feel better, it's probably forgotten about already. :) ..But I can appreciate why you must be upset it's never nice to be on the receiving end.

    Big fairy (((hugs))) from me. :) xxxx

  • thankyou for the support.

    it is easy to mis-understand, especially when we are already feeling vulnerable.

    but to write a blog about someone - whoever it is... but then I didn't see it, just isn't a nice thing to do.


  • You are always helpful and kind Sandra,as are all you lovely peeps that take the time to volunteer even though you have your own daily struggles xxx

  • I didn't see any of the posts concerned but so sorry to hear what happened to you. Text is a very hard way to communicate at times things can be taken up wrong this is something that worries me when I post replies sometimes that it will be taken the wrong way and offend.

    I think you are right though it should be sorted through pm.

    Hope you are ok and can just put it behind you xx

  • thankyou,

    it's a new day tomorrow.

    sleep well all, nite.

    sandra. :)

  • I dont often type here Sandra,,

    I didn't see it either! So you can take some relief from the fact most of us were afk anyway... Dont worry yourself, those that know you, know your heart is good.. X

  • I never saw it Sandra and to be honest ve only ever seen you right great things so don't worry new day new advice keep up helping in the way you do best thank you for all the advie that ive read fromm you and the other helpers. xx

  • I didn't see it hun.Xx

  • Aww I really feel for you Sandra. Mobile texts can also be misconstrued, great though they are. Am sorry you were the target of a blog when a pm could have cleared things up x

    That happened to me on another site. Am with you where emoticons are concerned. They are very useful :-)

  • Happy to say, didn't see anything, dont want to. you've been here for a while and have a proven track record. enough said. Tulip xx :)

  • Me too, didn't see it, but all I've seen of you has been nothing but kind, good hearted and understanding. You are far better than those you criticise too easily, remember that and know that are loads of us who really appreciate you. Yay for emoticons :-) :-)

  • thankyou everyone.

    we're all dealing with this horrible condition and I'd hate to think people miss out on the support, understanding and info because of a mis-understanding.

    sandra. :)

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