Are all funerals bad?


Reallly we all know sooner or later someone we love will die and then thanksgiving/funeral will follow.

Obviously depending on if deceased died accidentally/suddenly or drawn out infirmity gives to view on some deaths.

However now I may shock some but some funerals including the last I went to this week can be great.

I saw some of my extended family I have not seen in years and their children .

After a service it was super to hear laughter and share stories.

It was worth a 12 hour jaunt away from home.Fibro will flare so nothing new there.Memory of a day well spent is the payoff!‼

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  • Oh,, Give me a good funeral any day!

    It those weddings I can't stand.

    At least a funeral is honest in that everybody drags something black out from the back of the wardrobe and throws it on.

    Funerals are nice and impromptu and you don't have to fuss about a present.

    Weddings on the other hand are just a drag,, everyone dressed up like a dogs dinner all trying to out do each other, with voices pretentiously adjusted to match the cloths.

    Oh; and the Bride WELL she's always "BEAUTIFUL" even if she is ugly as sin!

    To quote a lovely line from a lovely old film' Daddy says: one ounce of pretence is worth a whole pound of horse manure" and as far as I'm concerned its all a load of manure!


  • Cynic. :P :P

  • Looking at it from a philosophical perspective would say Honest mayrose !

  • Possibly it me thats the cynic. :D

  • Well I am perhaps a little eccentric around the edges.

    The vet I worked with was hugely eccentric and the two of us got on like a house on fire. It was a riot in there at times!

  • James Herriot and his books ?`All creatures great and small` sounds like it. were you James or Siegfried.

    My books are falling apart. :)

  • Mayrose,

    Cason made James Herriot look very tame by comparison, he was so off beat it wasn't true. Kids were fascinated with him,,, well it was either that or fear; It was so funny watch them stand there with the mouths hanging open. He was loved by the community and they came to him from far and wide. Sadly he died a few years back, but I still laugh at some of the interactions between us,, he was such a character it will take a few generations for him to pass fully!

  • Never Sue XX

  • Thanks i am vanishing now shopping. got to try and get back before they dig the path up outside the house


  • All of my family funerals are a celebration of lives well lived, the only thing that leaves me upset is when people cross Continents to attend when the departed would have loved to see them whilst alive. x

  • I agree, it's so sad that they can't make the effort when the person is still alive, seems very false to me.

  • I agree Lou. If you couldn't bother while they were able to appreciate you company . . .

  • My family also tend to think of them as a celebration of ones life. Honestly though not everyone wears black. We tend to wear the persons favorite color. We usually tell others what that persons favorite color was. So it varies greatly. So close family and friends will be dressed in color. While others will wear black. It's just a tradition I guess. Not really sure how it got started.

  • I had to o to a funeral of someone tat had committed suicide a few weeks ago. It was the most uplifting funeral i had everbeen too. people were asked to come and speak if they wished and although it brought tears - usually of laughter since they had done so much in their lfe that people only dream of and gad been both charismatic and a individual who lived life to the full. I could not remain said afterwards since all these wonderful stories are in my head.

  • I know wearing of black goes back to Victorian times.I always check with deceased family.Age plays a part those born around WWII or earlier would have had Edwardian/Victorian parents most likely.Lifting the person in celebrations but no one was a saint so the good and not so good memories are the way to approach it always.

    Regarding seeing people when alive it is sometimes a geographical impossibility.Far North to South? With Fibro?

  • As long as they keep in touch somehow, some don't even do that unfortunately.😞

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