We had an un expected death on the 22nd of june we lost my mother in-law, my father in-law made their bedtime drink at 1 in the morning then he went to bed and when he came down at about 1 in the afternoon she had died,they think she forgot to breathe whilst she slept know as sudden adult death syndrome, we had her funeral yesterday, quite a good turnout she was well liked, her relatives came down from Cumbria.

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  • I am so sorry to hear about your mother in law.

    My deepest sympathy to you and all who loved her.

    Lots of gentle hugs to you all

    Sue xxx

  • Sorry about your loss, but I am glad she died quickly and painlessly. It will be hard for your father-in-law of course, he will need your care and support. x

  • Hi {{{{{{ Sthandra }}}}}}} some fluffie support for you :)

    Deepest sympathy for you and your family at this time, it must have been quite a shock.

    Fluffie hugs of support for you all :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Oh sithy, I'm so sorry, what a dreadful shock for you all. I'm sending my deepest condolences to you and all your family and particularly her husband, to find his wife like that must have been very traumatic for him.

    Positive healing vibes winging their way to you as well,

    Foggy x

  • I am so very sorry for your loss.

    Gentle hugs


  • Oh sitthy, my heart goes out to you and your family. My lovely Mum, Sarah Ellen, died in tbe same gentle way 6 years ago today. She said she'd have "5 minutes" during a break whilst watching wimbledon. She smiled and closed her eyes. When the nurse brought her a cuo of tea, she realised she'd died. (I hope I have that peace.)

    I hope that may help you in your grief.


    hamble x

  • I wanted to let you know that I've seen your post and wanted to comment to show my support - I'm so sorry about your loss. I wanted to express my deepest sympathy to all those who will miss her. I hope you can all find peace.

    Fay xxxx

  • So sorry to hear of your loss. It is such a shock for the family to take in when a death is so sudden like that. Iam glad that the funeral was so well attended as I think that is always a grat comfort. My thoughts are with you and yours at this difficult timex

  • I would just like to thank everyone for their heart felt condolences it has made a difference knowing that people who don't know me that well care thankyou.

  • Hi Sthandra, please accept my deepest condolences on your sad loss. My heart goes out to you and your wonderful family at this sad time.

    Please take care of yourself

    Ken x x

  • Lots of sympathy for your lost, and a shock to you all. Any consolation the passing must have been peaceful.

  • My Deepest sympathy to you and the family.

    The best way to go!

    Gentle hugs


  • My deepest condolences to you and your family. May you find the strength to help you through this sad time. Gentle hugs. Xx

  • So sorry for your sad loss, hugs xxx

  • Thankyou

  • so sorry for your sad loss

  • Thankyou.

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