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Blue Badges have dropped by 130,000!

Blue Badges have dropped by 130,000!

I listened to a very interested article on Blue Badges on Radio 4 yesterday. They state that BB have reduced by 130,000 since they changed the way they are issued in 2012. They have actively been told not to use GP recommendations as they could be wrong and due to long term relationship with the GP?

If you see the form they are basically using the DLA/PIP as the guidelines to whether the badge is allowed.

The walking distance of 20 metres is in reality a farce and has never been justified as to why they reduced it from the 50 metres other than to save them money!

If people are asked to go for an assessment they are very often on a very flat well maintained traffic free pathway. But not one of the assessors needs any medical knowledge and will base it on their observations and a set of questions?

You can listen to it on here:

Rant over!

Be well

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According to the Disability Rights website if you don't get an automatic blue badge ( PIP mobility 8 plus points ) you can apply for a discretionary Blue Badge and I quote

You may also qualify for a blue badge through the ‘assessed route’ if you are aged 2 or over and one of the following applies:

you have a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking.

you drive regularly, have a severe disability in both arms and are unable to operate or have considerable difficulty operating all or some types of parking meter.

you live in Scotland and you are unable to walk or virtually unable to walk because of a temporary but substantial disability which is likely to last for at least 12 months but less than 3 years.

This is the route I went down as I suffer from Sciatica and Mortons Neuroma (trapped nerves in both feet )

plus foot drop

I was granted a blue badge for 3 years after assessment



My discretionary blue badge expires in June and I will apply for another one; form is same as last one for my local council. GP told me that he has not been involved in applications for some time. I was asked to go for a walking assessment and the assessor was a physio; she asked me some questions and then watched me walking up and down the corridor. My walking is worse than it was three years ago and I have developed balance issues as well so can't see any reason why they shouldn't renew my badge.

I don't know about other councils but I would imagine or hope that the criteria is much the same.



you may find that as I did the re-assessment is done over the phone as they will have the initial report in front of them - don't worry



Reassuring. Thanks


hi tried to listen to it but it said page not found .take care ,



Am I correct in thinking this relates to applicants to their councils and not high mobility benefit peeps?

Just wanted to clarify. I really couldn't do without my bb, as so many of us.



yes councils.


Thank you so much for this, my wife applied for hers and got it no problem (we just filled in the forms) but that doesn't mean other councils work the same way? We have to nominate car parks for its use in Derby , but that is also fine as we normally use it for work and going shopping out of town.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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