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Shooting pain in shin bone

Does anyone with Fibro get this ? It is so severe that my leg gives out and I can fall down, only lasts a couple of seconds,

I've had it off and on for years but recently it's happening several times a day.

I'm assuming it's the Fibro as I don't want to go to GP, sick of Doctor's as just recovered from having Radiotheraphy for Breast Cancer with a positive outcome :-)

I also have what I think may be a lump at the back of my knee which is very painful !

As a result of having a DEXA scan to monitor my bones due to Cancer meds, I have been recalled to see a Rheumatologist so maybe he may enlighten me as to what is causing the pain in my shin bone but that is not for a couple of more weeks.

Thanks for reading

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Hi Cheesedoff

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. This is not something that I suffer with myself, but maybe there are some other members who will come along later.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi I'm sorry to hear you've had such a terrible time. Great that you beat it though!


Yes! That's one of the symptoms I had before being diagnosed and still have the occasional stabbing pain now!.. :'( :'( I just think its another pain we have to deal with! However, I would mention it to the rheumatolagist and also the painful lump!(try and see your Dr before 2 weeks)....much


Thanks for responding, I can put up with the pain if I know what it is so thank you ninjananna for confirming it is most likely the Fibro,

Thank to other's for taking the time to respond,,,,,,,,x


I also get a lot of pain in my shin bone even taking my time trying to walk

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Thanks annmason looks like we will just have to put up with it :-(


Hi I've got pain in my shine bone and I feel if my legs are going to snap. I have to go to physio on Friday apparently I will be told if in deed I have fibromalgia. When I'm stressed and anxious everything is heighten


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