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SuperMom no more

Hi everyone,

Not written for ages though do look in regularly. Feeling really upset right now though with the realisation that I can't quite be SuperMom in the same way anymore. Little one is 17 tomorrow so not so little cake flopped supposed to go to meeting at 7 so feeling under pressure to get everything done. Realising I should have said weeks ago that I wouldn't make it can't manage things like I used to before this horrid illness took over. I cope most days but feel angry today and know my Fibro friends will understand exactly where I am. I've tried so hard to keep going making the necessary adjustments but feel short changed. Now the almost 17 year old things she's a devil child because I shouted at her and it's Fibros fault not hers. Kiss and a hug necessary - I know she'll be smiling in the morning when she opens her present and she sees the fab cakes because I've send apologies to the meeting and prioritising my family tonight instead - as it should always be.

Thanks for your listening ears - keep smiling and kicking Fibro in the butt!!!


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I know how you feel, I find it hard and am a mum too. Dad taking son to cubs tonight, as I was tired. Try not to feel guilty. It isn't your fault you have fibro, it is such a tricky and unpredictable thing and you did the right thing not struggling along to the meeting and making it worse. So try and be kind to yourself, maybe explain to your daughter x


Big Gentle Hugs, schalkies, I know how you feel about not being able to be super mum! My Daughter was 18 last year and asked me to make her birthday cake as she prefers mine to shop bought, but she wanted me to make 18 fairy cakes for her with candles and decorations on each of them. I made almost three dozen fairy cakes in the end, with enough spare in case of mishaps, and she was overjoyed at them, just as I'm sure your daughter will be too. And yes, prioritising family is always the best, and I'm sure your children appreciate it. I think my Daughter's strong independent confident spirit comes in part from me having fibro and having to leave her to her own devices so often. That and her red hair and taking after her father and his stubborn obstinate confidence! Now Daughter is away at uni, I just have my 15 year old Son to deal with! (That's more than enough at times, love him!) Hope your daughter has a lovely day tomorrow, and I hope that all goes well for you too, julie xxx


Hi schalkies1968

Thank you so much for sharing your story, and I am certain that you are right, as most of us will be able to relate to what you have written. May I wish your daughter a very happy birthday and I hope that it all goes really well.

All my hopes and dreams for you both.



I think it hurts so much because you care and that is why SuperMom keeps her cape :-)


Thanks everyone, daughter loved her Provisional Driving Licence present and the cake turned out okay after the 2nd attempt. Have a fantastic day all!!!


I really feel for you. My youngest is 18 and getting ready to move out. My son and his girlfriend have a 6 month old little boy. I find it difficult as I am unable to have our Grandson as much as I'd like, due to the fatigue and pain, usual stuff.

My husband is now my part time carer, I am unable to cook a meal. We've got 2 labrador puppies (11 months old), when we got them I hoped that walking them etc might help me, but now I'm unable to exercise them , my husband has to do this too.

I empathise with you. I hope your daughter loves her present


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