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Muscular back pain after waking

For the past 7 days or so I have terrible muscle pain at lower back. As I'm waking I am laying on my front with one leg bent upwards - feels as tho this stretches my back muscle which seems to have no stretch in it. The pain is bad. Frightening as its a new pain. For the past 5 years its been my tail bone that hurts particularly when driving/sitting. Am I right that this condition attacks different parts of the body. Once u have a pain then "that's it" its there permanent? No Admin answers Thank u

Gentle hugs


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Have you seen a physio about this? Has the tailbone pain ever been explained?

Fibro is a central processing disorder, so the pain from it can be felt anywhere in the body. But because the pain from Fibro is not from local damage (e.g. with arthritis where the pain is from joint damage), it is not the case that once you have a pain, you're stuck with it.

You may well, however, have other problems alongside the Fibro. Hypermobility and Myofascial Pain are very common alongside Fibro. And having Fibro does not stop you from having a completely separate condition, such as spinal damage or arthritis.


Hi Jeannie, as i write this i am waiting for my meds to kick in cos i too am in agony in a morning with lower back pain. This has been going on for a few weeks now and i dont know why. I have a good bed with a matress that suits me so i know it isnt that but it is excruciating and it wakes me up very early in the guessing it is another "gift" from mr fibro. I do hope it is only temporary as i cant cope with it for much longer!. Please let me know how you get on. Am sending you a virtual gentle warm lower back massage lol.......Much love...Charlii xx


Hi jeannie -- one of my first symptoms of fibro was lower back pain and pelvic pain. Before I was diagnosed I was sent to see a physio who gave me exercises which had no effect on the back pain. I still get some lower back pain, but most of the pain I seem to get now is from stiffness in my hips. Does the pain seem to ease when you get up out of bed and start moving around? Do you remember pulling or straining your back over xmas? My hips seem to improve when I start moving. I think that's the "thing" with fibro -- the pain seems to "wander" around your body but it does not mean it will always be in one particular place. However if the pain in your back gets unbearable or continues constantly then maybe you should get it checked out with your GP. xx


I too suffer with chronic lower back and pelvic pain. If I do any thing where I have to stoop slightly it gets so bad it makes me feel physically sick.


If I don't get my trigger point injections my back pain wakes me up... Also just wondering why you asked for no admin answers as all the admin and volunteers who post on here also have fibro

VG x


Hello there Jeannie, so sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

Here is some info from our main site at FibroAction that explains about chronic widespread pain, myofascial pain etc (as mentioned by Lindsey above). I hope you find this helpful.

I sympathise as I have constant lower back pain with little relief from an ice skating injury years ago on top of having widespread Fibromyalgia pain.


I have constant lower back and pelvic pain. I've also started to get pain in my buttocks!! ?? XX


Mornings are the worst time! I know that ths seems to be common in fibro but somedays feel unbearable. If I am able, I try to get in a nice warm shower, it really helps me.

Sue57 made me laugh, I have also got bad 'bum' pain, I haven't had it for ages but now it's pretty bad. I don't tell anyone because I'm afraid they may say it's because I sit on my bum too long.Ironically I've only just bought an expensive rise/ recline chair & am worried if it coul be this. I've just had to send my lovely manual reliner chair back because it was very unstable, I'd hate to have to send this one back too


I too was having back spasms and put them down to my periods. May have been wrong, but I got myself some wheat filled bags which I heat in the microwave and use on this type of pain. Also I got myself a TENs machine. It sometimes takes three thirty minute sessions for it to work on me, but it does help eventually. I now have two as I could not find my first one and was in agony so my husband popped out and got me one from Boots. They are very easy to use. Four pads placed in the area of pain and a battery pack attached to give pulsating buzz feelings which help the muscles relax. Alternatives are a hot water bottle and a bag of peas! I am not joking.

Good luck.


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