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What could it be? Is this just Fibro?


Hi, I know I asked a few weeks ago about joint pain versus muscle pain, but I'm increasingly concerned about the state of my back. It keeps going into spasm with what feels like the sacroiliac joints grinding and becoming inflamed. Blood tests showed no sign of inflammation however, or RA. Today, I turned by body slightly in standing to speak to someone at the side of me and there was a loud cracking noise from my lower back which shot nerve pain down both legs, which has never gone. My back is truly agony. I was wondering if it's possible to get arthritis (osteo) in that part of your back and if could account for pain? I had a back MRI 3 years ago and it was fine. Is it conceivable that this could have deteriorated that much In three years. Does anyone have these problems? Thanks x

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Hi Shiny1

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are still having this problem. However, when I read your post I could not help but feel that you described something that I had been experiencing since I had my fall last November.

When I had my disc surgery a few weeks ago I had my sciatic nerve compressed onto bone by a piece of disc, and this was why it hurt so much. The pain went through the bottom of my back, into my bottom and down my leg. That is almost what you have described here?

It may be worth discussing Sciatica with your GP and see what they say? I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices website page on Sciatica for you to compare to your pain.


I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Please go to your doctor and ask to be referred to pain management. I had the same problem and pain management managed to help me out. They isolated the nerves that caused the pain. I have fibro and RMA

Hope you get help soon xx

Hi Shiny1,

Yes, it is possible to have osteoarthritis in the sacroiliac joints. I have osteoarthritis in them! I have it in my neck & other spinal areas plus my shoulders, knees & now developing spurs in my hip joint as well! I'm only 45! You definitely can have deterioration in that amount if time as my hip X-rays attest to! I have had the shooting pain down to my knees a lot in the past. It's horrible!! I have fibromyalgia and have just started on medication for that as well as other pain meds. I'm trying to get a good pain management system in place including meds, exercise, diet and lifestyle. Personally. I want to get off of some of the narcotic meds by building up my core muscles to protect my spine and other joints. You are not going crazy though!! Lol I know the feeling & you kind of feel alone but just know that you're not. Take care & I hope you get some help with the pain soon.


Yes Shiny, even ossified joints are still joints and can get the inflammation. I've seen it for real.

Now speculation, 3 years is a long time for things to change and may be something has. I had less than 2 months warning before my disc prolapsed, not the same thing I know, but I'd put it down to over work - how wrong I was.

See if you can get a referral to back school if they do one in your area. You know what I'm going to say next! SEE GP! If I'd had that first I would not have needed surgical intervention

"Overcoming Back Pain" by Dr Tom Smith and "The Back Book" from The Stationery Office (formerly HMSO) are good and available on that shopping website that allegedly avoids tax. As Annie says, the current treatment is to build up or rebuild core muscles. Good luck xx

hi shiny, yes i have osteo arthritis in low back, hip knees. which says degenarative on my report, it really is agony,i had sciatica apparently when my back pain 1st began 20yrs ago & in my own experience you have to learn how to turn etc & that shooting pain too it's awful isn't it, but if yr pain gets worse after resting go to a/e just to get it checked out that it's nothing more serious. definately see yr dr though xx

Hi shiny1, yes it is possible for changes to happen like that. I had mri that confirmed osteo arthritis of spine & report said poss signs of wear & tear in hips. Coincidently, almost a year later to the day, an mri showed osteo arthritis in hips, (yay!). I too get grinding and cracking of my joints with oa, sometimes my Hubby has heard my neck crack in bed, it is that loud.

Gentle hugs, Julie xxx

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