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Hi there I had my first ever ESA assesment today I'm really scared of the out come. I suffer from Anxiety & Depression and have heard alot of people in the same situation being turned down. Just wondering if there's anyone in the same situation as me and can shed some light on there experiences. How long did it take for the decision to be made ect. Many thanks for ready Neil . P's merry Christmas to all.

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Hi neilthomas

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have never undergone any of these assessments, but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with your outcome. Fingers crossed for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi merry Christmas

Try to put your worries to one side till after the holidays desire said than done I know

As Clive Dunn says Don't Panic

Best wishes


I will do my best many thanks all the best.


Hi I had my decision within a week and I was turned down and I am

now appealing the decision , but I've been told by my doctor that is

just the way it is most are turned down you just need to stick with

it , good luck

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Unfortunately this is what they do they prey on the ones that they hope will give in the quickest. Keep on fighting all the way. Good Luck

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Cindy I feel for you did you appeal there decision? That's what I'm worried about getting turned down. It took me a lot just to go to the medical and for them to turn people that really is in need down its like taking apart of there life away. Hope everything goes for you all the best and keep us updated on the overall out come


Can't face an appeal but have no income now so will have to do

something (unsure what to do next ) being refused left me really

depressed especially because the atos assessor clearly lied about

my answers


I also have depression and anxiety. I had 16 treatments of ect in the 1990's aproximently 1996, it didn't help right away like they said it would. And after the ect treaments themselves I got super bad headaches. You are usally at the hospital for 2 weeks and have a treatment every other day. I was there twice. Won't ever go through that again. I was " very sick" for 23 years before my depression finally lifted. When I was so severly sick with my depression I felt a "darkness" all around me. Now I live in "light". My depression lifted but I have really bad anxiety now. And other healthn problems. I wish you my best. It's a big decision to make.



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