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PIP assesment

Hi all,

let me start by wish you all a Happy New Year and wishing you as many pain free day.

I had my assesment in November only had 3 days warning as someone had rang and cancelled their appointment. lucky for me i was ready anyway had all my paperwork including a copy of the application form i sent. I had the assesment and the doctor who did the assesment was well versed in Fibro and how it affected people. I told her that i felt like a fraud because looking at me you would think i had no problem as she said that many peole with fibro felt the same way.

Well from start to finish it took 5 weeks all together to received the brown envelope dropped on the mat and i was blown away when i opened the letter to find out that i have been awarded the high rate for personal care but nothing for mobility. so i would say give it a go you never know. Fibro is a disease that is now recognised and we are not trying to pull the wool we do have an illness.

kind regards


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Hi dobie62

I am absolutely delighted to read this, well done and congratulations! I also want to wish you a very happy pain free new year.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I had my assessment early Dec and found out the Friday before Xmas that I will not get anything, feeling very miffed as I was trying to retire on I'll health from work, been off sick since mid November. X


I had my assessment for pip and esa in december and got refused on both

have no money coming in now and cant face any appeals, but I am glad to

see that some can get what we all deserve,

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Sorry to hear that you have been refused and can't face going to appeal. I know it is stressful. My daughter was awarded zero points for ESA 2 years ago,(learning difficulties and mental health) but we went to tribuneral and came out with 27, although they can recall you at anytime afterwards.

The only thing I can suggest is speak to CAB and they may possibly be able to help.

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I am waiting for the CAB to open again but the dwp told me I can

only appeal if I have new evidence, my doctor is sympathetic but

will not help with letters etc . Atos agreed I had problems but

still gave zero points , I have a slipped disk and trapped nerve

in lower back sciatica, carpal tunnel with failed surgery then theres

the fibro and cfs/me and depression , what do you have to do to

prove your genuinely ill,

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The CAB was really good. So I wish you luck with that. When we applied you were judged at the tribuneral on how you were when they assessed you at medical. So perhaps things have changed. You may be able to claim again in a few months time perhaps.

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Hi glad to hear your good news I thought about asking myself I work part time and I suffer with all the acking and stiffness every day I had to cut my hours down because of fybromyalga effecting me every day will working go against me


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