ESA Assesment

I had my Assesment approx 3 weeks ago and today I received the dreaded brown envelope! I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to open the envelope thinking this is going to be bad news and what is the next step, but to my surprise I have been put into the support group and I will receive back dated money. I have been waiting over a year for this I can't believe it is over, I keep looking at the the letter it's like I am dreaming.

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  • Wake up and dance around yelling "yes yes yes" !!!its no dream!!! Congratulations!!

  • Thanks it feels like a heavy weight has been lifted.

  • Wonderful news I bet you are in a state of shock at the moment as we are only human and always fear the worse so glad you have the money backdated as well. Have you any plans about treating yourself to something? X

  • That's fabulous news Pamg, go out and treat yourself, enjoy :) xxx

  • So pleased for you give yourself a special treat. Best wished

  • Thanks everyone! The next thing will be changing to PIP something else to look forward to (not).

  • Hi Pam you can read up on lots of pip advice at Hi yes they have started to inform claimants if they do not think their claim, will stand up at the tribunal. Fightback who are on Facebook and also have a forum can help you with appeals and they also offer a form completions service for a small suggested donation which helps them to keep up and running as they are unfunded. They also have lots of great advice and tips about esa/dla/pip and anything to do with welfare. forum: Hope it all works out ok for you.

  • I am genuinely and sincerely delighted for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Great news. I have been waiting ages and when I phoned the dreaded helpline no one could help me. I think it is terrible how we are treated, don't they realise they are adding stress to our terrible condition x

  • I agree with you they don't seem to care how long they take and how it adds to our stress which then makes us worse.

    When you go for yours take someone with you. I had my daughter with me and it was a great help because she could fill in the bits I couldn't remember.

    Fingers crossed yours will come through soon.

  • Well done glad you have the outcome that we all hope we get in still waiting for my brown envelope

    At least it puts your mind at ease

    Big hug xx

  • Fingers crossed for you I hope you get the answer you want.

  • great news.

  • Congrats pamg Spend it wisely. Sorry for being a dampener on you joy!! :-))

  • Well done Pam! I bet that is such a relief for you you know how long they have awarded you for? if not ring them to find out as they do not usually send out confirmation and you may need your show your award in the future.

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