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re ESA?

am confused now.are the dwp saying that no one is not able to work.there only seems to be 2 options-work related group or Limited capacity to work related activity.what if I am not able to work as confirmed in 2005 and my situation has worsened so can do a great deal less now than I did then. .what Is support group-does it mean that you are classed as unfit to work and donthave to attend any intervbiews etc.?or is support group only for PIP?

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Wish I could answer your questions, but I have no idea. How can they just assume that everyone can work? What would they suggest those of limited ability do? Actually I thought of a whole load of ideas just then but they were all very thing will be work from your bed or even whilst in hospital! Seriously ill? NO PROBLEM! We'll set up a work station next to or over your hospital bed with tasks to complete whenever you are able to do slightly more than breathe! You can move your fingers? Excellent! Typist job for you.

Ok seriously now, I wouldn't put it past them.

Hopefully someone can be of more help rather than just be very silly......I could almost be a government worker! ;)



not being silly.i cannot doanyhtign with myhands-incluidign typing as you can see they don't want to hit the right keys and thtas at slow pace on efinger at time


The trouble is being able to be hire able. They can say u are fit to work all they want but reality is if you are not then no one will take you and you will starve.

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A year gone June I got a letter from dwp to say I was being placed into the wrag group which is the group that trys to ease you back into the work place, I was beside myself not only have I got fybro, but other illnesses too, I know in my heart of hearts I couldnt go back to work again.Anyway I will give the job advisor her due she could see by looking at me I was unfit for work, she told me to get more evidence in and to appeal against there desicion which I did I also got a letter off my GP, I got a letter 5 weeks ago to say if I had any more imformation to send it in I rang my local job centre and to be honest she was as mufh use as a chocolate fire guard.Today out of the blue a letter arrived I felt ill opening it and after I did I got the shock of my life it said I been placed in support group which does mean your unfit for work.The pastv15 months have been sheer hell and ive been more poorly than ever before with the stress of it all, I wish everybody who is going through something like this the very bestbof luck your going to need it as the dwp are not making it easy.

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I totally feel fro you .just receiving th drede denvelope casued me to break down in tears and mjy pooor dogs suffered as thye kknow I ma stressed and things get taken out on them whenits not their fayult btuhtye are the only ones here.that is my fear iknwo I am not fit for work both physically and mentally a si have fibro and othe rconditions too like oyu.if it wsnt for them I thinkii would do something drastic.despite a fe wdisagreements withmy dr ove rthings he has said he will suppor tme inthis.


Hi believe it or not I couldnt understand the letter as its starts off ok and after 3 lines it say continue whihbit doesnt so I rang Sheffield ESA office and she couldnt tell ne what the letter meant also it doesnt tell how long im in support group or when it starts from the woman on the phone said seen that I filled the form for ESA in june 2012 it might start from then which means I only have 3 months before another dreaded frop drops through my letter box

The DWP donot realise what they are putting sick people throughx


on incapacity benefit and told 6 yaers ago not fit for work now we have to go thru all this stressful nonsense.they nee dto clamp down on the fiddlers who can talk the hind legs off a donkey and get away with it,not penaliase genuine (disabled) people.i cannot do anything with my hands let alone the rest of me


Im the same not only got fybro but other illnesses 2, when theyput me in the wragg group I was totally devesated because I know in my heart of hearts as much as would have loved to have gone back to work, I got a phone interview 2 weeks ago for my job advisor who has changed allbhe did waschat about his daughter who had been to Turkey on her hols, he couldnt even tell me how much longer my appeal was going to take, I said to him that I had been a single mother of 3 sons and had worked so hard so they didnt have to live on the social he seemed surprised, im 60 nxt year and if retirement age hadnt changed I would have been on the pension, I also told him I had my 39 stamps to get me my pension, he was stuck for words he just didnt know what to say and this is a guy eho is helping peole bk into the work place.

I also agree when you say about the ones who fiddle they should be signed off but they have been brought up oin the system you geu dont have to work they give you it free, and we are making our selves more ill by worrying about wether or not we will get put into the right group for our illness, its stupid, when I got my letter the other day I was so affraid to open it I was crying and shaking thinking to myself they are signing me off butbit wasnt it was the good news I wanted

All I can say to people like us is do what ever it takes and hood luck, take care Anbuma and hodbless you, love Margaret xxx


Hi Margaret

I thought it was that if you were born before a certain year,teh changes to retirement age wouldnt affect you?i was sure I would still oficailly get pension at 60,cos i was born before april 1959 and a member of my family whose birthday was in may 1959 would have to work the longer time.i maybe wrong.

I have written answrs to the questionnaire on rough copybut keep reading thru it and thinkgn how much do I tellthem.should I keep it basic or write every thing down from begining in1995 to now-what I cant do -rather than what I can do -whichis very little.

.someof the questions are totally irrelevant-what does whetehr or not you can chew food have to do with anything/?tehn I keep chnaging things.

I know I have a thyroid problem and symptoms of lupus even tho my dr says not based on bloods.and tonight I could nto do more than 2 rows of knitting cos of hands.

I still say my dogs know it s somehtign more serious-my beautiful little girl (staffieX)jsut cuddels up so close to me and she paws me to cuddle her,

he says it s IBS and bloating but I don't see how as my swollen stomach is hte reason why I have gained 11kgs in couple of years I still thinkit is a cyst or something,recently had gallbladder out and my dr said now do you see its nothing serious.i wasnt convinced.

sorry to go on a bit.wishing 11th to come round quickly when i see my dr.

Iknow of 1 person who alledgedly ahd a back injury and was on IB btu did all their own decorating,hedge trimming,carrying shopping etc and neve rhad a medical intheir life.anotehr has had back trouble and had an operation and sits around all day and then stands fro over an hour talking to others


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