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Hello everybody,

I finally made it to the centre yesterday. A very quiet one just one person there in a big waiting room. A lady came out and called my name, once inside the interview room she intruduced herself as a doctor. I did not know they have doctors!.... anyway after taking note of all my medecine she asked me just a few questions and was focused rather on what seemed to me non important matters such as my incontinence and travelling on public transport. Nothing about walking, nothing about the pain and finally nothing about socialiasing. She then stood up and went to open the door!!! I was so suprised and said is it finished? She said yes you will hear from them in up to 6 weeks.... what suprised me is that she said at the beginning of the interview that she was going to do a physical test and she did not.

Has anyone had a similar situation? And been seen by a doctor?

Thank you and wish everyone a warm evening.

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  • Hi, glad it was painless as you do hear some horror stories. Let's hope it's because she is a doctor she had a very different approach. 🤞 Always such a worry. Stay well xx

  • Hello olivid,

    Yes I did think of it that way and was glad that she was a doctor and thought maybe this why she did not want to include my gp's letter. I asked why she said that she has taken notes from it.like you said I should try and relax... (so difficult with me I worry for the slightest thing.)

    Thank you for replying,

  • It's ok. I just had mine few weeks ago So it's still in my mind so to speak. Worry isn't going to chance her assessment and decision so do try and forget about blooming thing now. You will know soon enough xx

  • Hi there

    I think it is possible that you can see anyone from the medical profession.

    I saw a male nurse, although I seemed to have more medical knowledge than he did!

    He was cold and couldn't look more disinterested or bored if he tried. I asked him to take a letter from my Psychologist and he point blank refused to take it.

    I surprised myself and tried to insist that he take it, but he just shoved it back across the desk and said that it wouldn't mean anything to them. Anyone that could read would have been able to understand it.

    They ask about public transport to see if you are able to travel on your own.

    She must have decided that a medical examination wasn't necessary. They don't always do one.

    At least it's over now. Have a peaceful evening.

    Lu xx

  • Hi,

    Yes that's it, this doctor too could not have looked more disintrested or bored like you said and acted so cold.

    Wish you a peaceful evening too×××

  • Fingers crossed for you xx

  • It seems to be potluck what kind of assessment people have and the questions asked.

    I do hope you get your award, fingers crossed.


  • Hi Sali24

    I am delighted to read that you have got it over with, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome, and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I was seen by a doctor too. I had to go to the assessment centre 3 times to be precise. The first time I waited in the waiting room and was told after waiting 30 minutes that my appointment was cancelled as they had run out of time, the second time I saw a nurse, she was really lovely and kind but after 10 minutes chatting she said she was not qualified to do my assessment as I had nerve problems and that I needed to see a doctor. So at my 3rd assessment I met the doctor, he was very cold and not very interested but he did put me in the support group so was pleased enough with the results.

    They also paid for all of my taxi's and got a large amount backpay

    I hope you get the results you deserve, good luck x

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your reply and your good wishes. I am sorry to hear about your lengthy process. In the meanwhile, glad that you go a positive oucoume.

    Thanks again

  • Hi

    Yes I was seen by a doctor this time.

    Hope it's good news.

    Fingers crossed, but don't worry, I know easier said than done.

    Trace x

  • Hi there

    I guess it's a good thing that they have doctors which should work in our advantage in understanding our conditions.

    I guess we just have to wait.

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