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p.i.p assesment


well I had my assessment for p.i.p yesterday, it went better than I thought it would , the lady who did it knew all about fibro and was telling me my symptons, it was a very long day and didn't get home till 6.30pm absolutely exhausted, I lay in bed wandering why I had stressed myself out so much , I think I made myself so ill by the time I had got there , my knees and ankles had swollen and I couldn't walk, she told me I was in a flare. I would like to thank you all for your kind words and wishes yesterday , you are wonderful people thank you xxx does any body know how long you have to wait from here ? gentle hugs to all you special people xx love sue xx

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I am so pleased for you and isn`t it great when you get some one who knows what you are talking about, :P

I was lucky the lady who came to see me also lives with fibro. I am still waiting for the verdict. :(

I worked myself up to such a state on my first medical that it had to be called off and book a home visit instead.

Is it me or are there an awful lot of us on this site named susan? :O :O hugs sue xx

i think susan was a popular name around the time I was born , lol and yes I felt very lucky yesterday , how long have you been waiting for your verdict ?

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March 10th I think. I am getting more and more jittery with every day. :(

Good to hear your assessment went well, I have just applied for PIP myself and received a letter saying that I need a face to face assessment, Its early day's for me...........As I understand you have to wait around 3 weeks to receive a verdict from the DWP............Best wished and fingers crossed........Please let us know how you get on too.. :)

Hi Skippy

Glad the PIP examination went well and you seem to have been lucky in having an assessor who understands the dreaded fibro symptoms. It is a pity you stressed yourself out so much but we are only human and always stress at the unknown. In one way that your symptoms flared so badly can only be a positive for you getting PIP. Fingers crossed you get a good resultx

thank you all , when I left yesterday she told me if I hadn't heard from DWP in 4 weeks to ring them , Security , I hope your assessment is a positive one I,ll keep my fingers crossed ( sorry will have to be virtually lol ) for you and everybody who is waiting , genle hugs xx sue xx

Hi skippy1958

I am so delighted to read that it went so well for you! I will now keep my fingers crossed that you get your PIP as you are a wonderful and genuine person who deserves this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


So pleased that the dreaded assessment went so well, they told me 6/8 weeks when i left but only waited 4 weeks..

Finger are crossed for you, looking forward to hearing good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gentle hugs xxx

Hi Skippy, i am so glad that you were treated well, fingers crossed for your good results.

hi skippy i am so pleased you were treated well at least you got someone who understands fibro hope this a sgn that all will work out well for you keep my fingers crossed sending you lavender fluffiesxx

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