was awarded my esa its says re instated 22nd may yesterday i get a esa claim form to fill in, for income support allowance same thing its a joke this ,and thay say a willnot recieve anything as its means tested against my wifes part time wage i am so confused

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  • Hi Seado,

    I am sorry you are having problems. I would touch base I am sorry this is not an area I am good at but I know my compandres will be along shortly. Mdaisy is the person you need but she is not on line at the moment.

    I hope the matter is resolved soon.


  • not had a penny since 3 nov 2013 this is no joke

  • Hi seado :)

    I have been digging to see what help links I can find for you :)

    Do you have anything specifically that would like me to check for you or look for?

    In the meantime I think it may be a good idea to give the ESA advice centre a call to ask them to explain it. The number should be at the top of your letter.

    This link takes you to and their ESA notes list which may be useful for you containing information about appealing a decision etc.

    Please look at page 10 of the Employment and Support Allowance leaflet regarding disagreeaing with a decision.

    I hope this helps you but please ask any q's as someone is always listening and may be able to help.

    Fluffie hugs for you

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • thanks i am confused as to what i will get it says at bottom off my letter that your esa has been re instated but does not tell me what i get ,madetory dessision

  • Hi seadoo :)

    If you ring the number given on your award letter you can ask them to explain to you whether you have been awarded anything or not. They will explain the decision to you :)

    Also contact The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice, both online and in-person at a network of local bureaux across the UK.

    They can possibly help you appeal if you need to :)

    The links that I have given you in my reply above have information regarding disagreeing with a decision and appealing if you need to go down that route :)

    Another place to look for advice is Turn2Us which helps people in financial need gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help – online, by phone and face to face through our partner organisations. The website includes a Benefits calculator to help you see what you may be entitled to :)

    I'm sorry that I cannot anwser your query directly as I am not a benefit advisor and can't see the letter :( However I hope the information that I have given you in the links are helpful for you :)

    :) xxx sianxxx :)

  • Hi there,

    soryy to hear that they are yanking your chains, they really know how to anoy and confuse us, this is second nature to them. can i ask which group they have placed you in is it Support Group or Work RelatedActivity Group it should tell you on you letter. if you can tell us we may be able to give better answers as each group has a different formula to what you receive or not.

    kind regards


  • i failed the atos test in november 2013 and i asked for a reconsider and thay phoned my doctor ,the next thing i no is a letter to say my esa a has been re instated and put into the work related group which i will apeal against

  • my husband was placed in WRAG group and we put in a appeal and then i received telephone call from DWP asking lots of questions. at the e3nd she said that the information i had given she decided that he would be move from WRAG to SP. so all i can say is always appeal.

    kind regards


  • So sorry to hear what you have been through, it took 2 years for my husband's ESA to be sorted out after having to go to tribunal twice so we can emphathise with you. Normally if it has been reinstated they backdate it to when it stopped so hopefully you will get the back pay. I don't know whether your ESA was contribution or income based as that makes a difference to how long you can receive it for in the Work related Group. If it is contribution based you normally only get it for a year in the WRAG. If it is Income related your wife's wage and any pensions you get can affect the amount you are paid. If you feel you should ahve been put in the Support Group it is definately worth appealing but do try and get help with this if you can. Do ring the nos on the letter and ask them to explain it to you I actually had good experiences when I spoke to people and they were very helpful it was just ATOS who were the problem. It is good advice to contact your local CAB as they are a mind of information and can also explain things to you. Good luck with it allx

  • Hi seadoo

    I am so sorry to read that you are having to endure this untenable situation and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this problem.

    I can see that zeb73 has given you some wonderful advice and if I were you I would follow this up and find out for certain what is going off?

    Take care


  • Is Income Support still available? My daughter's partner tried to claim it and they sent him an ESA form to fill in!! X

  • sent my appeal to tribunal .benifit services at preston are dealing with it now as its doing my head in

  • Hi seadoo :)

    I think that you have made a good decision as it will help to relieve a lot of the stress. I'm not surprised that it has done your head in and it's something most of us here can empathise with.

    At least now it's done and we're here alongside you during the process so please don't feel like you're alone as there are many members experiencing the same thing and we can all help to support each other through the toughness of it all :)

    Thank you for the update it is good to know how you're getting on wishing you wellness and sending healing fluffie hugs and smiles to you :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

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