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well thats thrown a nice spanner in the works:((((

today i got a call from my boss who said he had been discussing me in the office and i wasnt needed anymore! i was in total shock and have been crying since as i cant understand why>??? ive been there for a couple of months and she knew and fully backed me up with my fibro as she said her mum had it. ive sold two propertys for them with no training whatsoever which i thought was pretty good going! when i spoke to my collegue just now on facebook she said she had heard them talking about my tattoos on my arm and didnt like them! they never told me when they took me on! and it had by no means affected my work ( especially selling two in the climate were in!!) so im sitting here now in pain and had a cry and am now worrying like crazy!

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Oh fairytails what can I say to make you feel more at ease.

I don`t know if after a few months you can have them fo unfair dismissal.

I would try and have a word with either CAB or even the job centre.

My thoughts are with you hun and if I could make you a cuppa and give you a cuddle I would.

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxx


So sorry to hear your news fairytails, some people can be very two faced, you had your tats when they employed you... I've just had a simular thing, my boss sympathised and was supportive and then sacked me out of the blue because they thought the job was too tough for me (I'd been doing it perfectly well for twelve weeks) I think maybe they dont want to pay out sickness benefit if we have flare ups. Something better will turn up. Hugz xxxx


thanks girlies unfortuantely i wasnt under contract so i dont know! but maybe ur right all i got from the girl i worked with was just didnt work out for him!! ( my boss) thats not really an excuse in my book ive never been sacked from a job ever and truely always have put in 100% i feel like swearing but i dont like swearing!!! lol!


I am so sorry fairytails and you have every right to be angry and upset.

Do not try and think of it too much as it will make you go crazy.

You sound a very good worker to me and its their lost at the end of it. I would ask them nicely for a reference and see what they put. I would maybe seek advice from cab though and see if they have any rights too let you go but would you really want to work for people who can do that, you are better than them.

I hope you can get something sorted hun and i just want to send you a big hug.

hugs, kel xxxx


I think they've cooked up the tattoos story as a cover and even if they didn't, I'd have them under disability discrimination which is, I believe, what it is all about.

Whippet x

Whatever, you are better than them, they are cowards and liars and deserve to be taken to court just for that but I really would consider the DDA end.


Hi Fairytails, Im so sorry for the way you've been treated.I know a LOT of employers are against tattoos, but everyone has them these days. You're right, it doesnt stop you doing your job well and therefore being an asset to the company. My daughter couldnt get a job for about 18 months because of hers and she isnt disabled.She has a job now though. In a weird sort of way, I dont think its a bad thing that we cant get a job or are "let go" from a job, because perhaps then the government will realise we are "unemployable" and leave us alone. That doesnt help disabled people who CAN and WANT to work though. I wish you success for the future.Hugs x. Carol


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