Tulip update re. battle dependency on pain meds

This is ridiculous. I'm so stubborn, sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not so much. My mind is set on tackling the problem and decided to go for it before speaking to gp who returns tomorrow. I have started because I want to take advantage of my minds' decision in case I chicken out if I wait for my gp.! I know that sounds a bit mad. I have not slept since waking up on Sunday. I'm not feeling tempted to go backwards. I just wonder, at what stage my body will give in & crash out. I think my curiosity about this is strong so that temptation, at the moment, is not troubling me too much. I know many of you on this site struggle with insomnia. The pain is bad, only to be expected, I know that. I wonder if I'm making sense. Actually that's not new! Perhaps I'm just enjoying (!!!) the challenge? I'm trying to balance common sense, so I haven't cut them all out in 1 go. I think that could be a bit too much, and defeat the whole thing. I like the feeling of having some control, which is something I need and haven't felt in a long time. I just hope I can hang on to this positive frame of mind. Thanks for 'listening'. Tulip xx

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  • Good luck tulips123, and I personally think that there is a level of tiredness that creeps up on us and then we simply sleep regardless. However, the difficult part is reaching this stage! I have been an insomniac for most of my adult life and really struggle to sleep until my body says to me 'enough is enough'.

    I genuinely want to wish you all the best of luck.

    Ken x

  • I'm sure you're right Some years ago when I 1st started to suffer with bouts of insomnia, I was getting so frustrated with a clearly disinterested GP I actually screamed at her " are you listening to me?" she looked up (was not looking at me when I was trying to explain which is not just unprofessional but downright rude!) and came up with "you probably are sleeping, just not aware of it". Now, I think this is most likely. Clearly if you truly were not sleeping at all for weeks on end you would surely just expire, but her attitude at the time did not encourage faith in her medical competence and did nothing to reassure me. I gave up and moved to a different surgery. I now have a gp who explains everything and therefore clearly knows what she's talking about! My usual bouts of insomnia have been split between a good challenge for a 'sleeping for England' award! More recently, I've just been using meds for sleep to find relief from pain, so I don't actually know what my sleep pattern should be. My father used to have problems and never had more than 3 hours a night. Very bad tempered though! Have you developed your own coping strategy? I think I'm going to try to go to bed now. I do feel reasonably calm, worth a try anyway. I wish you well Ken. Tulip xx

  • Keep at it Tulip, I went on the same journey and discovered that pain meds cause headaches. I do take them now but not as a routine. You can be strong.

  • Well done. I think that's what I'm looking for. At least then it is more likely to work. I finally slept at 4am, and been in and out all day. I'm very sore, headache etc. Onwards and upwards! xx

  • careful in what you find when you are looking a "friend" offered me a herbal substitute that I thought about until I realised it was not legal. Now I find the most useful substitutes are a hot water bottle - or a cold flannel.

  • oops. I just want to feel i'm in control. a day at a time. thanks for the input, it all helps. x

  • right attitude, hope it all goes well for you.

  • Hi don't know what meds your taken ,

    I see my go yesterday ,and if I want to cut any of my meds

    I have to do it gradually .good luck Cherokee x

  • That's probably the safest way in all honesty. I'm ok. and sticking with it! xx

  • Good on you girl you sound in the right frrame of mind to do it and you are definately making sense to me. Go gradually though as your meds might suddenly say "no" and you might be back where you started. Your sleep patterns will probably be all over the place for a bit especially as you weren't a sleeper before but I would just go with the flow and if you feel sleepy and want to go to bed in the middle of the day just do it. I am sure pain has alot to do with poor sleep as you might go to sleep, turn over and the pain hits and you wake up but at the time don't realise what has caused it, you snooze off again and the same thing happens so you are probably having snatches of sleep but not enough to really relax your body off. Do get the support of your GP as she might have something that helps the process. Keep us posted. Soft hugs.x

  • Many thanks. I'm doing ok. xx

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