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Update on my pain meds

Well a few weeks have gone past now and just wanted to share my news. After starting on Fentanyl patches had to change the brand of them as the adhesive was poor and they fell off after 24 hours. Tried the lower strength and the pain was unbearable. Mainly in my arms and legs, it also came with a full blown Fibro attack, hot/cold sweats ibs fatigue. But the type were you can't sleep even my toes hurt. After about three days symptoms eased a bit and I dragged myself to my GP. Along with the usual ibs meds he upped the strength of my patches to 50mcg! Well touch would what an amazing difference they have made.

Feel a bit concerned that this relief is just temporary but I feel as though the fatigue is better and I have more energy. The aches are better, but as I am doing more the arthritis is more painful in my knees and back,so much so going downstairs is bad. Over all I am happier because I have had arthritis for years and can cope with that pain.

So really happy overall with these patches but do get a little bit of itching from the adhesive on these, but what do you do? Lol going to my GP tomorrow to report on them, so will see what he thinks.

Thanks for listening

Sue xxxxx

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Wow um gonna ask for this .ive begged him for stronger pain relief.but no.

Im glad for you and may it continue longer.sorry though abt stairs.

When we had stairs with my bad legs and back dreaded it.

Now live in a ground floor flat amazing.

Good luck.


Thanks Sammy, the patches are the best pain relief. Like during the night when you sleep you still get a dose every hour. Much better than tablets, we're you wake up in pain. As you may not have had a tablet for hours.

I am too stubborn as my Mum lives with me and we have a stair lift. But it is too slow and I feel it's a waste of time waiting for it. But the pain can be that bad I may have to use it soon, also don't want to give into using it!


thanks i have docs in 2 weeks so if i remember ill ask tablets wear off after half way through night and then im awake in constant pain.thanks loads


I was on the patch but wasnt getting enough due to sweats, they put me on a slow releasing tablet, worked great, but last 3 or 4 or 5 weeks have real issues, also have oral syrup to take when it gets real bad, my fibro seems to be attacking me, every part of me, seen the same doc over this said period and he has said your walking better, your this that, honestly I dont feel it, lucky have a neurologist appointment on a referral, so dont know how long will have to wait but I like the Neurologist, he listens he talks to you, but honestly I dont know what can be done, this present flair flare (sp) is bad and a lot of people seem to be in the same position so is it weather, I say no because we being fibro is in uk, america, australia, south africa, we all cant have the same weather conditions on a said day, any one with any ideas to help me, the thing is Im really angry at the moment


Well, your GP doesn't seem overly sympathetic, which may be one problem. Maybe it's worthwhile trying to see someone else? The horrible possibility is that they can't do anything anyway, but it's so much worse to be told that by someone who doesn't even seem to acknowledge that you feel like poo!

Weather-wise, I don't know - is it humidity related? I always seem to feel worse when the air is damp; whether it's cold or hot, the moisture level seems to have the biggest effect. Anyone else got any theories on this?

Anger is natural, but probably not helping the problem. Stress can make us worse, and anger creates stress. I wish I could give you a magic solution to this one, but I haven't found it myself yet! I've tried relaxation, hypnosis, medication, positive thinking, visualisation ... nothing quite takes away the desire to take this illness by the throat and shake it until it can't hurt me anymore.

Gentle hugs,

Sara xx


Thanks for the reply the doc I see is the most knowledgable one in the practice on fibro, they dont understand the daily fight, I know there is no magic pill, but honestly does that mean we just put up with the excess sweating, the pain that triggers our nerves, I was really doing fine with all my meds some 20 odd months ago they decided to tweak my tabs, I have tried and tested a few, I weened myself down to morphine and anti-depressant, plus anti sickness, half of the meds they didnt know why they put me on them, I would like to try hypnosis for stress-anger you said that you tried what was it like, Im wearing a quantum science pendant will try anything, gentle hugs xxx


we have just moved to a new town which entailed registering with a new doc.

luckily we got a good guy who takes fibro seriously - but like many docs is at

a loss to offer much in the way of pain help etc., I take amytryptyline - 50gms -

at night and when I get the restless legs he very kindly allows me to take

diazapam - in the knowledge that I don't use it to often. Perhaps one day a

research doc would investigate further - although I have heard that some docs

now suspect that it can be a central nervous thing, Think stress brought mine on in the first pace as I was running 3 buisness's - caring for a brain injured husband and a mother with heart failure!




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