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Bad day

Hi all, I am still in my bed at this time of day,I feel weak,tired,sore,fuzzy head,yeah it's prob as I'm still in bed I feel this way,but I just can't seem to find the energy to move, I'm feeling hungry and thirsty but even that's not enough to get me up. I feel ashamed of myself and tell myself ,GET up stop being so Bl?.....dy lazy.Help now I'm feeling sleepy again, is this normal for fibro or now be honest am I just being a lazy ??????????. Lol

Hugs to all .

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Hunni sorry to hear your feeling unwell it's normal for us fibro people but not for people who are healthy and lazy .healing hugs. Ros xoxox


Hi vixen

Your reply has made me feel a bit better I was starting to think its me I'm just lazy xno matter how iv tried I just can't do it today,feel like crying but won't now I know it can happen with fibro thanks for the hugs too.x


Hi there, you are definitely not being lazy, trust me ! Fibro hits with fatigue that no one other than a fellow fibromite can truly understand, but we do understand as we are in the same condition. I have been in bed for nearly three days now on enforced rest, under instructions of my I feel lazy? In a way I do but I know from what my GP has said, that it is what my body needs at the moment and I am sure that it is probably very much the same for you. Our bodies are strange things aren't they? Sometimes we feel like we are battling them, but sometimes they are giving us the right signals to slow down, take a rest so that the body can recover to whatever degree and then life can go on.

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Hi Foggy

Thanks for your reply it means a lot just knowing I'm not being lazy, I did have a busy day for the past couple so maybe that's why I'm so done in today, I'm a newby to fibro. Love this site hugs x


Don't ever feel ashamed for how you feel, they are your feelings and so entirely valid.

When you are feeling poorly and weak it is difficult to find the strength to get out of bed.

I know personally, that on days when I feel truly dreadful and like I can't get out of bed, if I DO stay in bed and do nothing, I invariably feel much worse. I force myself to get up, showered, dressed and to do something. If I only get part way through the something I am doing, then need to rest again, then at least i've tried, and I know i'm genuinely not being lazy - BUT we are all different.

I have found that forcing myself out of bed helps, but only because I am bloody-minded and often stubborn to my own detriment!

I do think that as you are feeling so weak, getting yourself something to eat and drink is a good idea and is important to do. I hope you feel better soon x


I think sometimes your body just tells you what you need to do and it seems yours is shouting "rest". Other times if you can force yourself to get up and even potter around you feel a bit better it is up to how terrible you feel and whether getting out of bed is an option or not. If it honestly isn;t you need to just go with the flow. I went to a Table Top sale yesterday and with sorting the stuff out, being there for 5 hours and then us having to unload again I was cream crackered and could have cried with the pain, even though I had help from my husband. Ended up in bed at 7pm and not up to 11am because of the fatigue and pain. I felt guilty not getting up until late but realised that the rest had done me good and I was in alot less pain and felt yesterday at least I had achieved something by putting in a bit of money to the "moving fund".

Hope you feel better tomorrow, take care of yourselfx


Hi Granniescrochet

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so poorly at this time and I genuinely hoe that you start to feel better soon.

Take care and good luck



Hi love your definitely not lazy I use to think that but it chronic fatigue sometimes I got no energy to move so your not alone if you ever want to chat just message me but I feel like that just about every day big gentle hugs xx


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