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cant function today

Serptaline(spelling??)is making me so sleepy. should I ask for another med? I came off citalopram and am on amitryptyline as well.

I'm waking in the early hours and go back to sleep to having strange dreams and wake feeling more tired than ever= some days not waking til 8am whereas before I was always up by so tired and it s like I cant focus.I didn't even hear Annie coming upstairs to wake me as she does. Feeling nauseous too.took my dogs out but not far as elder one didn't want to go far.wasnt up to walking the other one s raining today so at least they are sleeping in.

I cant function today,feel so sleepy I could sleep all day.head and eyes feel so heavy.

have a blood test at 12.10 at docs,and have to go into town after.

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that, and I sincerely hope that you can find some answers to this issue. It may be an idea to discuss your meds again with your GP?

Take care



thank you Ken, I plan to next Monday when I have an appointment.


Please be careful, there both really strong drugs ,perhaps you should tell your Doctor how its making you feel.

Take care.

Big Hugg.

JJ xx


Hello JJ. Seeing Dr tomorrow. Will tell her and maybe ask for something else?.been horrible today.pain, swelling,distention etc getting worse. So bad from the time i get up can barely coming with me to gp- to discuss poss pituitary problem cos of enlargement of head/nose hands and feet.tonight neck is enlarged also.hope to finally get the answer to the question being putting to dr for months but not answered. Are diagnoses of hiatus hernia etc cause of pain and distention and soreness or is something causing them.lost a stone in weight from hips and legs yet stomach increased by an difficult to walk dogs this a.m.just lying down most of day as only way to relieve pain.


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you need to read this you said before you had this op.


How long have you been on amitriptyline for? It could be contributing to the fatigue. When I took it I could barely get out of bed. Definitely worth telling you doctor, they could find an alternative to sertriptyline I am sure. Good luck xx


I think it s beginning of this year,was on imipramine but switched back .I asked for another med instead of serptaline (?) but not got.


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