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Injections for osteoarthritis. What timescale?

Hi All,

I have multiple conditions including fibro and osteo.

My rheumi sorted out some steroidal injections to my hands(fingers bent and sore) and my knees(Creeling and sore).Its early days but I feel fab!

The knee injections were almost on top of trigger points for FM but it has not set off flare up.I am tired but that is just the norm.

Just a point has anyone of you been through similar? How long did effect last ...not just lack of pain in joints .

I know injections are limited so this appears cost effective if I can take/use less pain relievers for a time.

Good news for a change .

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One in my shoulder lasted about five months but appears there are side effects so can't keep having them.

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Hi skit

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I must admit that I know very little about this, and I have also been offered this by my hospital due to Osteoarthritis in my neck, knees and spine. So it is useful to know that you have not suffered any adverse reactions and that they were bearable!

I may just consider these a little harder than I have been? Thank you!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


My friend has them for knee pain twice a year and she swears by them. She also had one a few weeks back for Tennis elbow as she was in extreme pain and said it has been like a miracle with relief within a couple of days.. There seems to be some conflicting theories on how many you can have. My old doctor more or less said they were a good stop gap if you were suffering and you were waiting for an operation but not as a long term solution. My new doctor seems keener. I haven't had one myself as at the moment it hasn't been offered and I am trying some different physio exercises as I am on so many pain killers and don't want to put anything more into my system but if the pain in the joints becomes overwhelming I would certainly think about having them. Hope you get lasting pain relief.x


I have them in my knee and shoulder for arthritis, they normally last about a year, but this year I have 2 in my knee as the arthritis has got a lot worse. The last one was really painful and my knee was swollen and in extreme pain for days, and it only lasted a couple of months. I helps the joint pains but not the pain and tenderness around the knee, which is down to the fibro. I have recently started using a cream called Penetrex for this which has help greatly


Is penetrex an antiinflammatory? I am allergic to NSIDs so things like deep Heat Ibuleve etc are not for me!


Hello Skit,

I think you'll find it is anti-inflammatory, I wondered if you have ever tried the following link below;


Arthritis Research UK discuss it's uses for Osteoarthritis and it can also be used for Fibro;


I used it for Fibro with good results, however if sensitive to medications it is probably best avoided as made from Capsicum peppers.

We discuss topical muscle creams here on the community a while ago, please see link;


Hope this helps

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


I have tried this pepper cream but it irritates my skin which is fragile


Oh OK, shame as some find it very effective. Hope you find some relief soon :)


I have been receiving injections for quiet some time now, they are a relief for a time but it doesn't last. I can have them every three months usually in my bottom for all over relief and in my knee,s when they are swollen and very painfully. It is very painfully at the time but the relief is better.


Hi, the reason why they giving you this treatment is because they know you are in a lot of pain, because the do not offer just to any one, as it is quite costly, I used to have i regularlyt, it was marvelous, the first treatment they given me was twice a year, than my body get used to it, then they titrated up to 3 times a year.., but after 3 years they have to stopped it ... due to side effect, I think, and they are going to start it again for my treatment in three month time, with once a year and so on.. but the effect is fantastic.., you will feel like having a new body, healthy again and rejuvenating, you will love it..make the most of it...I am pleased that you have this opportunity you really lucky to have health care professional who care and understand about your condition.

Best of luck


Thanks for replies all of you.I know I am blessed with a Rheumi that cares and injections are not meant to be a permanent solution.As I already get hip jabs from orthopaedic guy the knee and fingers ones were new time.I have osteoporis and steroids are not the best thing if done to often.knees get worn out faster than say ankles so I suppose makes sense to keep us mobile.Injections have not stopped my fibro stiffness however when they find a treatment for that I will be 1st in que!!


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