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steroid injections

Has anyone ever had steroid injections? i was previously referred back to my local hospital as nothing seemed to be working ie controlling the pain, anyway after going back there and seeing the rheumatologist i received a letter with an appointment to to have an ultrasound on my hands with steroid injections. so basically just wanted to know if anyone knows what it intales as i have to say im not looking forward to it thanks in advance.

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My doctor gives me steroid injections in my shoulders and hips every few months and I find them a great help but they can be painful at the time but I think its worth it. I have been referred to pain clinic at end of Feb by my doctor as hes running out of ideas what to try next. I was diagnosed in '96 almost 17 yrs ago so I have tried a lot of medication. I went to pain clinic a few yrs ago but they had no better ideas than my doctor so I have been referred to different hospital and different consultant, dont know if that will make a difference but I will keep you posted. Hope you get some relief from your pain x


I have them in my shoulders and neck every 3 months its very quick hurts initially but not very much. Tea and biscuits and then home to rest for 24 hours.. You may be sore for 24 hours or so again not too bad and then 3 months of relief.... At least it is for me.....I have gone from having a migraine headache 3 days out of every 7 due to muscle spasms to just 2 in a year...... Good luck hope they work as well for you

VG x


I've been refered to the pain clinic again too. maybe the injections are not such a bad idea. it really sounds good. does it work on fatigue too?


hi i have had the ijections there painfull and didn,t work for me


I had steroid injections in my knees, and it was wonderful. I didn't find it painful at all, but even if I had, it would still have been worth it for the relief it gave.

If you have injections in your hands, it's bound to be a bit more sensitive, but I would have one right now if it was offered to me! I don't think it works directly on fatigue, but for me less pain = more energy.

Hope you have some relief from your 'jabs'!

Love Moffy x


Injections are sometimes used as a treatment for myofascial trigger points. If this is not why you are having them, do clarify why they have been prescribed. Steroids are not a treatment for Fibro and it is far from unheard of that a doctor suspects or even diagnoses an inflammatory condition and the patient isn't informed.



i have TMJ, where did you get the steroid injection for myofascial trigger points, was it the gp or hospital please i am desperate



i have had steroid injections for my knee as i have osteoarthritis and may need a new knee the injection helps but the side effect is weight gain and i have put weight on so what do you do suffer or weight gain then puts more strain on the body.

Gentle hugs rosylyn xxx



I had a series of them in my neck and shoulders at my local pain clinic and they did naff all. Not surprising when you consider fibro affects all the body. I had visions of ending up like a pincushion or water leaking out of me, like in the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, because I had had so many.

That said however I have a chronic problem with my shoulder that was causing me a lot of pain. I have had it far longer than the fibro and I was persuaded to have one targeted injection in that shoulder in November. It really has helped and I have been almost pain free in that joint ever since. I would definitely consider having another one if the need arose there.


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