Pain Blocking Injections - any thoughts?

Hi all

I saw my rheumy last week and, although pleased with progress and how I'm handling fibro (especially with the whole HR thing going on still), he is a bit concerned about the level of pain, tenderness and stiffness in my lower back. He has suggested that I get a scan to see what's going on and maybe we can consider pain blocking injections. I asked if we could wait a little while so that I can start to exercise again and we agreed that I'd go back in three months.

I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on these injections (obviously it all depends on what the scan shows) - I have heard good and bad reports.

Thanks once again for any advice :-)


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  • I haven't had any for fibro, but some on here have. hopefully, some will be on in the next few days, who can help.

  • Thanks Hamble99b - am beginning to think I have a back issue that's made worse by the fibro.Such fun!

  • Hi Fairycake1973

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? You appear to be taking a very open and balanced view of this situation already? In that you have asked to wait why you try exercising again?

    I have pasted you the NHS Choices link relating to lower back injections and the University of York's research, it may help you achieve a better over all picture:

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with whatever you decide to do?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks Ken, once the mad busy deal has closed at work I'll have a look! C

  • Hi, I don't post normally on here, and when I do they are ridiculouslyong ones lol. However, I had bilateral facet joint injections in my neck/shoulder area. I was told by the pain clinic that it seemed to me like it can have a placebo affect, as after getting over the slight tenderness afterward the pain was back within a matter if weeks. I have had oxynorm and OxyContin, fentynal morphine patches.... Made me feel woozy but sharp pain in the neck was still severe. I try to maintain, (but not very good at it,) taking zapain and naproxen regularly, take100mg at night of amitryptaline . This had until recently kept me ticking over, but sadly in bed with a major flare up at the moment. What meds are you taking regularly?

  • Hi Nattynoo! Thanks for the reply! I just take fluoxetine everyday for the fibro, otc pain killers if I have to and naproxen when I really need it. Thing is the seizing up of my lower back is getting worse and more regular....really not sure what to do as I've heard good and bad things about it!

    C x

  • Hi Fairycake

    I have regular steroid injections in my right arm and knee due to arthritis. I suffer terribly with back pain due to lumbar spondylosis which started from a car accident back in 2006. I have noticed that whenever I have these injections, for a little while the pain in my back is not so intense, and I can stand for a little longer and am a bit more flexible. I had an injection last week and asked my doctor why I was never offered these injections for my back, and she said because she is totally against it as they cause so much more problems than they resolve. My doctors have been great and really look into all aspects and whenever I have a new symptom will check out all possible options before labelling it as Fibro, so I trust what they have said and will not have the injections in my back.

  • Thanks for the reply Shazzap12 - this is my worry as my ex (who had really bad back problems due to a work accident which resulted in a disc being replaced) had them and it didn't help him at all. On the other hand a friend had them in her neck and they helped....really not sure what to do. Lots of research coming up I think!

    C x

  • hi dont want to dampen your spirit but i have had firo for over 10 years ive tried every med in the book and patches and so far nothing has worked i suffer mainly violent pain in my lthighs knees and hips i have had pain blocking injections but unfortunatly it didnt work for me after a return visit to the pain clinic they are going to try a lodacaine infusion im due to have this done in june the only thing is it has only a 20% chance of working so a the moment im not feeling to possative at present im taking duloxetine,zapain and perskindol gel i live in pain every day dont ever have much of a let up :( im sorry for wafffling a i do hope that you find something that helps to relieve your pain take care joanne.

  • Hi Joed - please don't apologise for waffling! The thing I hate about fibro is how it's not one sixe fits all - if it was it would be easier to treat and deal with I think! I am pretty lucky in that I can generally manage the fibro pain on a day to day basis and cope with it (as long as I rest at weekends). Please let me know how you get on with the infusion....good luck and I hope you get some relief! x

  • Hi sweetheart, so sorry you are in so much pain. I had those injections but it didn't help me. Everyone is different so it maybe a better outcome for you. The scan may show something wrong with your back. I have fibro and ruptured disks in my back. Hang in there and if it doesn't work see if you can go to a pain clinic. It has made my life bearable. xxx Mitzi

  • Thanks Mitzi - Like I was just saying to Joed it's to frustrating that it isn't one size fits all. I know years ago I had a bit of a dodgy disc so that might be flaring up....I just hate the fact that sometimes I got to get out of my chair at work and either have to work up to it or just take a deep breath and launch myself out with a strangled noise!! x

  • Please conceder the pain clinic. Best of luck!!! xxx Mitzi

  • I would wait also I have myofacia

    Syndrome/fibro and osteo A/R

    I could have shots in trigger

    points but I'm waiting to see if

    PT will help first. Good luck hope

    all goes well xxxoox

  • Thanks bwaite.....I said that I'd wait three months to see if the vit d and my new exercise regime (when I manage to get out of work on time that is) helps when they kick in! Good luck with your ailments - such a kerfuffle this fibro and related illness thing! x

  • Right! Thanks back at ya!

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