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Refused stronger pain relief by locum - what now?

I was diagnosed about three months ago and was given co-codomaol for the pain. I was not referred to a specialist. Although the dosage of this has been increased it hasn't helped with the pain. My doctor is on holiday so today I saw a locum. He refused to prescribe me anything else for pain as I am on Sertraline and Aripriprazole (for depression and anxiety).

I am in so much pain and now in tears as I am just despairing. I am trying to hold down a full time job but its getting so hard.

Sorry for moaning but I am at the end of my tether and so very tired and sore :(

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As far as I know locums dont usually give out strong pain meds. I would advice you to go and see your own doctor when he gets back. Hope you start feeling better soon. :-)


another lady had this problem last weekend complain to the practice manager and hopefully it will get sorted, he has no right to alter an exsisting script ...

you can buy co co-codomaol from the chemist

soft hugs xxx



I am so sorry you found this trip to doctor went so so badly for you dont give up go see your normal doctor dont give up


read that wrong thought he refused your co-codomaol xxx


over the counter co-codomol isnt as strong as what my doctor prescribes, but he gives me a prescription for paracetomol and 30mg codeine phosphate so i am taking 2 of each when 4or 5 times a day, but it doesnt always stop the pain.

hugs, xxx


Thank you very much all - I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.

I will try and see my usual doctor next week (my surgery is one of those where you have to ring up in the mornings to get an appointment that day).

Thank you :)


i am allergic to lots of things and the only thing that has suited and helped me is Pregablin. i am also on antidepressants and im fine with this one. hope this helps you.xx


Hi wildwitch, when I was in too much pain that I was crying and trying to hold down my job like you are now,I decided to go with my sister to the hospital and or though they did not like it too much i did get some tramadol that way. If your pain get's too much to bear before next week then perhaps you could do something similar or talk to a pharmacist in boots as they may be able to help you. xx.


Thank you Millybobs x

Hi Tupney - sometimes we have to do these things although we shouldnt have to. Thank you for sharing as its not something I would have thought of x


I have taken slow release tramadol for kidney pain for a long time, and find it makes very little difference to the Fibro pain .... which has always puzzled me! However, its is true that different things work for different people - I top up with 1 paracetomol and 1 ibuprofen for pain, which eases it a bit.

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Ive asked for morphine,for my pain and i was refused.

So im on co codamal,paracetomal,and gabapentin.

Im in terrible pain most days but im just told im on too much medication and that my pain relief is enough.

Keep going back and asking okay.hugs


Thank you Artyrose - I am glad you have found something that works for you :)

Sammy38 I am so sorry to hear you still in so much pain. Have you tried seeing a different doctor?


Hi Wildwitch

I unfortunately had a problem with a locum dr last week. He would'nt give me my pain relief. He told me to do yoga, swimming & walking. How the hell? I have problems walking any distance, I cant even bend over to cut my toe nails, which by the way are painful too.

I left the surgery terribly distressed & angry. I cried most of the weekend, he made me feel. zo small & like an addict begging for drugs.

On Monday morning at 9am I rang & lodged a complaint with Practice Manager. A senior Partner/ Doc rang me back & apologised, locum had no right refusing me my pain relief.

I personally feel I am not going to be dictated to & have his opinions like that pushed at me.

Ca your surgery & ask to see a GP not a locum until your own GP returns.

Good luck

Lots of luv

Jackie xx


Hi Jackie - thats absolutely awful :( Well done you for being assertive. I now have an appointment to see my GP on Monday and will be saying what I thought about the locum. Thanks again x


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