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Hello I have been recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis. After suffering so much pain when doing every day things, I looked up my symptoms and thought I had fibromyalgia. The symptoms of pain along with not sleeping, sensitive to noise, and even memory loss all fitted. However, when I visited my GP she said yes it looks like it, and after a quick 5 mins with her, she scribbled down a doctor to look up on the computer and that was it. It was not until I noticed one of my hips out of shape I went back to see another GP and she sent me to a physiotherapist. He told me there was nothing he could do as I was sensitive all over, and suggested a rheumatologist, this is how I found out I had osteoarthritis. Actually it was in my notes but my GP failed to tell me this. Do you know this is now my comfort site and I know people do care here. Karen xx

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That's so true,, this site keeps my head above water , emotionally so to speak,

best of health! Hope things improve for you, keep on hanging in there👌👌


That is so wonderful of you to day that, and I share the sentiment. I am really sorry however about your Osteoarthritis and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this.

Al my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Karen,

I know how you feel! I too have osteoarthritis for 18yrs now. Started getting other symptoms that you described and gp referred me to rheumatologist who diagnosed fibro 16mths ago. Still having tests by neuro, rheumi, docs as other symptoms adding to list! How are you coping with your pain and are your meds work in OK for you? Its hard jugglin life and health probz isn't it when some docs aren't helpful. I've also found everyone on the site so kind and helpful and glad you have too. Wishing you well. Mxx


Thanks for your reply. It,s hard coping with pain as you know. I have just taking three painkillers (2 paracetamol and 1 ibuprofen) I try to get things like small bottles of milk etc to help as lifting a bigger bottle hurts. Even opening bottles of water, is painful as my thumb is now out of shape and I have very little grip. But you know all this. I work part time as a self employed cleaner. My doctor said my job will not help. However, my customers are lovely and in a way it gives me comfort, knowing they like me and what I do. Also my memory and concentration is hopeless, so an office job would be out of the question. The other thing I need to be on the go as sitting down as you know too is painful. Sorry to tell you what you already know. My stress levels at the minute is bad, as my son's wife has just been diagnosed with cancer. This site as I said is my comfort zone.

Thanks again Karen xx


Hi I have osteo and rheumatoid plus fibro I really don't know we're one begin and ends


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