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Amitriptyline only

I used to take Cipralex and Amitriptyline , found taking both helped with my mood , sleep and pain. About 6 months ago my doctor took me off Cipralex because taking both was dangerous ( pity took them 6 months to tell me). Doctor suggested I stopped taking Amitriptyline and increase dose on antidepressants . I decided that Amy (yes not going to type it every time) helped me more because sleep helped my energy and mood even if the pain was still bad. That was fine but now the weather is going colder my pain and mood are bad. Starting to feel very depressed so booked an appointment with my GP.

Worried about what my GP is gonna suggest next. If he takes me off the Amy worried sleep will become the nightmare it used to be and fatigue will be a major factor. I feel I am juggling sleep , fatigue and depression. Managing only to get help with 2/3 every time. I would appreciate some feed back , not expecting you all to be doctors just hoping for suggestions I can pass on to my GP.

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Also take painkillers Tramadol and 30mg codeine/500mg Paracetamol before anyone mentions painkillers.


Hi Fibroman,

Goodluck with your appointment and hope you manage to get the best medication for you.


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Hi Fibroman

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. It is never easy to know what to do for the best? And my own personal experience is one of trial and error with medications?

I genuinely want to wish you all the best of luck and I hope that you can find the answers that you are searching for?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi. Just today l saw gp. She also said cannot use other types of pills cos of Amy. However she gave me some sleeping tabs called Zolpidem which are supposed to be very good. She also updated the strength of Amy. Take care :)



My doc prescribed me zolpidem 10 mg and they worked fantastically......for about 3 weeks. Then I developed a tolerance to them. This is the trouble with most sleeping tablets even temazepam. They work for a while then stop working. Even the nytol tabs, which is basically Benadryl in a larger dose. So I used to rotate them. 3 weeks on zolpidem, 6 weeks off, 3 weeks on temazapam, 6 weeks off, 3 weeks on nytol (or sleep aid dephenhydramine hydrochloride) in rotation. I checked with my doc and he told me there were no contraindications so I tried that. Works for me but please check with your doc before doing this.


Hi Fibroman, I hope this new combination works for you - it could take some time to feel the difference.

I have read that amitrypt (dang, I see why you abbrev.) loses its effectiveness over time. Maybe that's why increasing the dose was helpful?

Well, we're usually the only person who can be our own patient advocate, like you did getting a response and a positive (hopefully) change in your meds. I sure wish for you that it's a good change!


So Sorry Sweetheart, but there are many kinds of medicines and combo's they can give you. If going back to the GP helps great, if not consider a pain clinic. They are more able to manage and access your pain levels. Hope this helps as I've had many a sleepless night and pain out the roof too!!! xxxx Mitzi


Thank you all for replying , after 10 years still chasing that magical cure at the end of the rainbow.

Wishing you all a pain free day or two :)


Ah somewhere over the rainbow, join the club😃. Hope you sorted your meds out.


I think amitriptyline wins for me because of the sleep effect! If I havn't slept which I don't without the amitriptyline my mood/pain/exhaustion is just horrid so I think sleep makes us handle it much better. But doctor might be able to sort something out? Iv tried most of the others med's nortriptyline,gambipentin,lyrica and none of them worked like amitriptyline for me. X


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