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Duloxetine and Amitriptyline


Hiya everybody,

Is anybody taking this combination of meds 60mg Duloxetine and 20mg Amitriptyline, or similar. My Doctor at the pain clinic says they are fine to take together, but my GP, thinks that I might get bad side effects, I already take 60mg Duloxetine and 10mg Amitriptyline, but I need a little bit more of muscle relaxant, and my hospital doctor says this will be fine. Will be grateful for any answers.

Joyce xx

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I looked around and found some people do take both BUT on three websites I found warnings about drug interactions with these two meds so I would check back with your GP who has concerns.... it's happened to me too I was put on 10mg of amatriptaline with my dosulepin , by a different GP to my usual when I felt awful and saw my usual GP he said they can interact and took me off them ...

VG x

Thanks for your reply, I know about the interaction, but if taken in low dose Amitriptyline is supposed to be alright. I will hold back a bit and see if I improve, bur I have such awful face and head pain at the moment, it is driving me crazy.

Joyce xx

There is a warning of a dangerous interaction between these two drugs. I'm not sure I would want to take the risk.

I don't know if you've tried a mix of Tramadol and paracetamol - that does the trick for some people, but if you have face and head pain it may be Trigeminal Neuralgia, which needs a very specific treatment.

Personally, I would go to A&E - svere pain is an emergency and I am sure they would help you.

Hope you feel better soon!


There is always a risk of additional side effects when combining medications that work on the same chemicals in the body - in this case both serotonin and norepinephrine. Serotonin Syndrome, though rare, is potentially serious so would always come up as something to be aware of when combining ANY 2 serotonin boosters. Many medications used for Fibro boost Serotonin.

However, that does not mean that this cannot be done. Hopefully your consultant would have made you aware of the symptoms of serotonin syndrome to watch out for.

It can be tough when a consultant expects a GP to write the actual prescription though, as a doctor has to take responsibility for their prescriptions, so your GP needs to feel comfortable with this to do the prescription.

Martamv in reply to LindseyMid

She didn’t say that the specialist wanted the GP to write the prescription.

Thanks for your replies, I am very grateful, I did know that the two drugs can interact with each other. I went on on a fibro 8 week course at my local hospital, and was recommended

Amitriptytlne, but only in small doses, no more than 25mg,could be safely taken with another antidepressant. Most of the people in our group were already doing this. I just wanted to know if anyone in our group had tried the combination.

I was struggling on just Amytriptyline so Doc gave me Pregablin, but this just didn't work for me, in fact I was worse, I have now been given Garberpenthan (I think that is how it is spelt) and I am a lot better. Not all med combinations are good for everyone.

My gp put me on duloxetine 60mg around 6 weeks ago at the time I was taking 50mg of amitriptyline - my gp dropped this done to 25mg, have to say I've been fine x

Hi Mo,

Thanks for your reply, I took my 20mg of Amitriptyline last night and today I feel loads better, all the jaw tension has gone. x


I bit the bullit and took my Amytriptyline last night and feel a lot better today, no jaw pain, thank goodness.my doctor tried me on Gabapentin, and I was awful, we had to get the emergency doctor out for me as I could not breath, had to come off them cold turkey, had the worse three months of my life. But I know people like yourself, who they suit..Thanks for your reply. Joyce x

MizT2U in reply to joyceconfused

Same for me. I felt like I smothering after taking gabapentin. I have been on duloxetine 60 and just got put on amytrptiline today. Taking it with night time meds

Hi I take 60mg of doluxetene and 2 zapain in morning and take 2 zapain every 4 hours. And at night take 60mg of doluxetene 5 amytriptiline 10mg and 2 zapain. Still in alot of pain and started to get snappy and feeling low . So I am seeing doctor tomorrow.

I take 60mg duloxetine and 50 mg amitryptaline and am fine on them.

I've tried taking one or the other but is unbearable. Much better with both

I would recommend them personally. Really helps me

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