Gabapentin v amitriptyline

Hi all, I was taken off amitriptyline and put onto gabapentin - it was a tough night last night with no pain relief or anything to help me sleep! I took my first dose of the gabapentin and within half an hour I was all over the place. My coordination and balance is poor anyway but I was a mess in work and the fog was really heavy. Is this usual for starting off on the gabapentin and will it clear up - I'm on tramadol and naproxen too so used to fuzziness! Thanks .xx

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  • I felt a bit out of it as well when I first started them, but they dont work on my pain

  • I did wonder if they would help me sleep more than offer pain relief.

  • hi tribalwelshgirl Iam on gabapentin ,tramadol and naproxen it takes a week to 10 days for meds to work I did feel dizzy but o.k now how much gabapentin are you on I am on 300mg four times a day also on duloxetine take care love beth

  • Hi Beth, I'm on 300mg three times a day, naproxen 500mg twice daily and the tramadol 100mg four times a day. I'm given omeprazole to stop the naproxen doing any lasting damage. What's the duloxetine, i've not heard of that - still ver new to the fibro drugs!xx

  • Hi Beth, I can remember the irst tine i took gabapentin (many years ago) it made me feel very woozy and unsteady but after a few days my system seemed to adapt :) I was put on amitryptalene (sp?) as well early this year to control my migraines, which it has thankully :) ...I hope the gabapentin helps you too ((gentle hugs ))) x

  • Hi Tribalwelshgirl

    What dose of gabapentin are you on?

    I was on amitriptiline and then put on gabapentin aswell. Did feel a bit dizzy when I started the gabapentin but this was only on the first day and then again for a few days when I upped the dosage to quickly.

    Im now on 200mg 3 times a day and I dont feel dizzy anymore with it


  • Thank you, I'm a bit less wobbly today so fingers crossed!x

  • hi i am on 1,600 mg of gabapentin and 75mg of amitriptyline. also use tens machine. i cant take a lot of meds as i have stage3 kidney disease. xx

  • Wow heavy going tho. I have a heated tens machine and they work so well, I just keep forgetting to use it - I must get better at picking it up again.x

  • Hi there im new to the group.i take gabapentin,every night before on a high dose.i was on it during the day but couldnt function at came off it.

    But then after a few years i started to get ice pick headaches.

    Very severe.

    My doctor said it was these tablets.

    I stopped for a while and struggled in pain.

    Im now taking them again.and they knock me out for the night.

    So good luck.

  • Ok thanks for that, they do feel strong to me! Luckily (or not!) I get headaches and every so often migraines so hopefully I won't get too many issues with that.x

  • hi Hun i take my gabapentin at night and in the morning. the headaches can be the fibro i get them some times. xx

  • I used to dribble alot when i was on gabapentin, which was a bit imbaressing in meetings

    Coming off that stuff was some of the worst cold turkey I have ever done

  • I'll watch out for that then! I sometimes get problems with swallowing from the fibro so guess this will be an extra joy :o\

  • hi hun you can get small gabapentin tablets small yellow one's i used to have the big orange one's that came back up as i could not swallow them. my chemist now order the small one's for me. xx

  • Thanks, I've got the big orange ones and they are a nightmare. Think I might see if I can get the smaller ones- thanks for the tip!xx

  • my chemist was great put it on my note's other you get reflux and its not nice. xx

  • Hi Tribalwelshgirl, I am new to gaba, my pain clinic sister suggested I take along side my amitrip, been taking them for jusat over a week, and no difference. Spoke to GP yesterday who said I need to give them at least a month to say whether they r working or not, hope this helps xx

  • Ah cool ok, I'll see what happens over the next month then. Fingers crossed for the both of us!xx

  • Yeah i also dribble during the night.and often wake up in night.

    With furry takes me a good few hours in the morning to come round.

  • Hi Sammy38, I did that on amitrip, since I have been diagnosed with severe sleep Apneo, where I stop breathing severeal times a night and been given a CPAP machine the dribbling and furry mouth have ceased.

  • Most drugs we are given by the doctors does not help with this condition as we have a high pain threshold.

    if your taking medicine and taking just say four different types and high doses and it is not helping with the pain then why take it, long term these medicines will do your kidneys and liver no good.

    If your taking a few high dose pain killers and there not helping with the pain, why take them.

    Most people would be better off cutting down on there medicine and stopping it and then a few weeks later try taking it again and if you have no joy then stop taking it. and speak to your doctor..

  • I've always believed I have a high pain threshold despite being told I am hyper sensitive - I always want to say to people to try walking in my shoes for a day and see if they can work full time and run a home..sorry rant over!! Thanks for confirming what I always thought :o)

    Interesting point, my meds have just been added to over the last 18 months but now I have a fear that the already awful pain I live with wil get 10times worse, makes me scared to do it. I know something is working as I can tell when I've missed a dose of something but it's hard to pinpoint which or if they work together.

  • Im on amitriptyline and i can't lose weight which medication can i substitute for amitriptyline so i can lose weight

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