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Gabapentine and amitriptyline?

Hi. I'm on 600mg of gabapentine 3x a day, 500mg of naproxen twice a day, 20mg of amitriptyline at bed time as well as omeprazole.... I've finally been referred to a neurologist next month as I've got no idea what's wrong with me... My back pain is horrific, I have pins and needles in my arms and legs, I don't sleep at night, I'm suffering from chronic fatigue and my emotions are now all over the the place, I go from crying, to being snappy to not knowing how I feel, I work full time too which isn't helping. I have muscle spasms in my arms and legs too. My esr rate has come back as high too.....

I've been told that taking gabapentine and amitriptyline together isn't advisable even though my gp has prescribed it all to me.... My niece has been diagnosed with fybromyalgia last yr, could I have the same problem? I keep looking online at what could be wrong but am more worried than ever! I've never been in so much pain as I am today!!

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hi it took 2 years for me to be diagnosed with fibro when i was finally refered to rummy. i also have been on gabapentine 500mg and amatriptyline 75mg together. i was taken off amitriptline by new gp as i also have cfs.when you see neurologist explain it allto him he may be able to change meds to somethig that would help u more also it may be worth writting down evrything u want to say before u go that way u wont forget somthing good luck hope u get sorted out soon


Hi Amyjane, just so you know the Naproxen is probably damaging your stomach lining hence the omeprazole. I was taken off it because of that very reason. My dr told me if I carried on I would end up needing an op on my stomach. I take both Gabapentin and Amitriptyline, same doses too. Not heard of any bad problems with the 2 together but am seeing a Pain person on the 20th so they can sort out my meds, will let u know if there are any changes or things said there (if I remember that is).

Yes it is quite possible you have fibro as it is also hereditary through families. I don't sleep well at night and with fibro you can have insomnia too but also just sleep that is not restful as the brain never shuts off. Mood swings is more than likely depression or low mood because of the cycle of no sleep, pain. As for the back pain, where is it? Pins and needles is something Fibro sufferers have too, so is back pain unfortunately but the back could be related to something else and so could everything else that you have listed so it is good you are being thoroughly checked out.

Google: comprehensive list of fibromyalgia symptoms. This will give you a better understanding of all the symptoms and you may be able to piece together some of it. Have a look at the tender spots because you need to have at least 11 to be diagnosed with fibro.

Hope this helps.

Caz x


Here is info on Fibro:


Be wary of "monster lists" of Fibro symptoms. Many people with Fibro also have other conditions, so the symptoms of other conditions get added to those lists. And if you see that and assume the symptoms are down to Fibro, something important could well be missed.

Raised ESR for example, is not a part of Fibro. This is common with many inflammatory rheumatological conditions, so a referral to a rheumy could well be needed.

Fibro cannot be definitely diagnosed until all other possible causes of symptoms are ruled out or identified and isolated.


Hi Amyjane, My experience of having fibro has been one of, ups and downs. I was so poorly in 2011/2012 my GP told me she suspected i had MS. I had an emmergency MRI as my legs stopped working, i had feelings of cold water running down the back of my legs, constant itching, speech problems, not sleeping for days due to hurrendous pain in my legs and back...

After my MRI i was sent to see a neurologist at Rotherham, I had all the tests.. touch your nose, walk in a line... all the usual, And it all came back clear...

On my follow up appoinment i was advised all my symptoms were in line with Fibromyalgia. I know its hard to not worry so it would be pointless me to say "dont worry".

I just thought it would be a possitive example for me to share.

Big hugs xx


if its any help I have been taking Amitriptyline 30-40 mg since 202 & Gabapentin 600mg x3 or 4 per day since 2004 and haven't had any side effects apart from dry mouth and eyes. i also do take omeprazole as I have a hiatus hernia and suffer from acid reflux but I have never come across anywhere that says that Amitrip and gabapentin shouldn't be taken together,

I always worry that if a medication has been prescribed by a hospital your GP will automatically continue prescribing until he's told otherwise. But I'd be interested to hear if you find out any info on the combination though.

Sorry I can help in any other way xxx


I have also had the same meds as you except i cannot take naproxen due to my stomach even though i take a high dose of lansoprazole which is similar to the omnaprasol you are taking. It is very common to be given amytryptiline with gabapentin or pregabalin i have had both of these been on amytryptiline for over 15 years at one stage i was taking 250mg a night. I also take slow release morphine for my pain as well as liquid oromorph although i wouldn't recommend these until you have exhausted all other drugs and until you have been diagnosed. Like someone else said the fact that you esr level is high is saying that something is going on in your body so there may be some inflamation causing all your problems and once you see the neuro then things will be made more clearer for you until then don't read too many medical things or you will scare yourself by linking everything with your symptoms which is not going to do you any good whilst waiting to be seen. Take care and be gentle on yourself xx


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